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10 Points to Create a Profitable Google AdWords Campaign

10 Points to Create a Profitable Google AdWords Campaign

Google Ads is among one of the most cost-efficient and well-accomplished advertising methods for organizations irrespective of their sizes. This platform is used by innumerable MNCs as well as start-ups to run the Ad campaign.

To run an effective campaign needs proper research and implementation. It is the best source to get new and targeted customers. In this article, let’s understand the top points to create a profitable Google AdWords campaign.

1)  Create a Relevant Landing Page

The main goal of the AdWords campaign is to get the customers and to make a sale. It is important to create a relevant Landing Page that ensures that the prospect will be paying the customer. It can be easily achieved by optimizing the landing pages and also by making the message of the AdWords are well aligned with the landing page message.

There should be a well-maintained consistency between the Ad Copy, Keywords, and Landing Pages. As the customers will be interested in the offer and message that is displayed in the ad. By presenting the same message with a call-to-action on the Landing Page will maximize the conversion rates.

To get compelling Ads one requires an expert solution and to get it contacting PeddleWeb is the best as they are the leading Google AdWords Management Company. They very well understand the customers value and drive more conversions.

2)  Target Customer when writing Ads

Understanding the ideal customer helps in defining any campaign. Make sure to research well about the targeted audience before writing an Ad. While creating an Ad keep in mind a few aspects like

  •         Will the Ad attract the attention of the targeted audience?
  •         Will the Ad get enough attention?
  •         Will the Ad generate better conversion rates?

After analysing these aspects, create an Ad in an appealing and engaging way.

3)  Mobile Focused

Always create Ads that are highly preferred for Mobile users. This will definitely enhance the campaign as well as allows for the personalized message and mobile-specific calls-to-action (CTA). This gives more visibility and can help make businesses increase their revenue.

4)  Goal Specific

The major goal of any Google AdWords campaign is to get more sales. Generating brand awareness can also be the aim but it is quite complex to measure. A successful Ad drives the prospects to a landing page. Creating an ad that clearly resembles the core goal and generating it depending on its specifications will help in better sales.

5)  Right Keyword Match Types

Google AdWords completely depend on the keywords. The keywords usage and the type of modifiers that are used for those words in the campaign are quite crucial. The keyword match types are:

  •         Exact Match
  •         Broad Match
  •         Phrase Match 

Exact Match – This keyword modifier displays the ad only when the exact keyword has been typed in the Google search query. This has the least number of impressions but with a better click-through rate and higher relevancy.

Broad Match – It is a default match type that matches search with any words that are placed in any type of order like synonyms that include targeted keywords too. In this, the ad will get the most number of impressions. But the ads will get displayed in the irrelevant search phrases too.

Phrase Match – This keyword modifier displays the ad only when searchers use the exact phrase. The query should have all the keywords in the exact order typed into Google. This gives better control over the ads than the Broad match.

Every match type is basically a set of between impressions, relevancy, and price. PeddleWeb provides the best Google AdWords management services where they take care of the right Keyword Match Types to generate more conversion rates.

6)  Optimize Negative Keywords

The ‘Negative keywords’ are keywords that are related to other keywords in the ad campaign which are not directly related to the ad that is being advertised. These are very helpful to streamline the ads; it also presents many other relevant search result pages. Negative keywords could be added to the campaign, but by optimizing it by specifically adding unique keywords to the ads. This will give rise to quality-driven traffic with better leads to the landing pages. It also aids in improving the quality score of Google AdWords.

7)  Apply Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking is basically the process of measuring the sales that are generated by the Google AdWords campaign. It can be further defined as, which ads and keywords are helpful for sales generation. Gathering the information on the revenue that is being generated and the cost of the Google AdWords campaign is an important factor in optimizing and measuring the ROI (return on investment) of the campaign.

Based on the business, there are various types of AdWords conversions. They are:

  •         Online sales
  •         Calls from the website
  •         Calls from ads
  •         Webform submissions
  •         Offline sale import

To track the conversions, go to the AdWords account, click on the “Tools” link in the top navigation. Go to the drop-down menu, click on “Conversions.”

8)  Never Mislead the Audience

The ads should be completely accurate for the advertised landing page. The targeted keyword must be mentioned in the content included on the text of the ad and also on the landing page. Never mislead the audience. The ad should be relevant for the landing page that is being promoted. It should only show the related queries.

9)  Focus on ROI

Always verify that the Ad is completely positive and generate the relevant Return on Investment (ROI). It is important to have an accurate measurement with proper calculations. It can be calculated as the price paid per click should be multiplied by the percentage of clicks that are converted.

10)  Test and Retest

The creation of the Google AdWords campaign is never really completed. Once the ad is live, and then the testing process of each key area begins. It helps majorly to seek an optimal combination to reach specific business goals. Often testing ad copy, layout, Ad targeting, Landing page copy. Once the necessary improvements are created then it is better to test again. The process of test and retest never ends because there is always a scope of improvement in every campaign.

If you are looking for the best place to get effective results for your ROI, then following these steps will help you to set up the best Google AdWords campaign. If you want to accomplish better results in the long-term, then get in touch with PeddleWeb. It is one of a kind Google AdWords Management Company that offers the best Google AdWords Management Services that very-well optimizes the campaign to generate maximum business growth and revenue.

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