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11 Effective Content Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Blog Posts

Content Marketing Strategies

Are you writing, or considering writing, blog posts for your business? That’s an excellent step towards promoting your brand. But have you ever thought of how to get your target audience to read the content? As per the latest data, 7.5 million blog posts are posted each day. That’s a lot! You may write exceptional articles, but they won’t serve the purpose if you don’t promote them.

Ensuring that your content reaches the intended readers is crucial. This is where a robust content marketing strategy is extremely useful. The approach focuses on crafting and sharing relevant and valuable content to a specific group of people. Many professional content marketing services and digital marketing services also provide excellent solutions. In this blog post, we list 11 effective blog promotion strategies to reach out to and engage with more readers.

  1. Create relevant and useful content

Dedicate enough time to the topics you are passionate about. Ensure that they are relevant and useful to the target audience. Use copywriting and storytelling skills to craft high-quality and engaging blog posts. Also, try to provide more value than the existing blogs. You can team up with professional digital and content marketing services providers to create relevant and useful content.

  1. Craft catchy headlines

A headline is the first thing that captures the attention of prospective readers and tells them what the blog posts are about. Creating appealing headlines is one of the most crucial factors in content writing and marketing. A good headline should be about six words and 40 characters long. After deciding on the topic, attractive craft headlines relevant to the content.

  1. SEO rules to enhance the visibility of your blog

Integrate keywords strategically and naturally throughout your blog posts. Place the primary keyword in the first 150 words of the blog content. If possible, mention the keyword in the title and sub-headings. Avoid keyword stuffing and use latent semantic indexing keywords and synonyms as alternatives. Add links to a minimum of five reliable websites and two other pages on the website.

  1. Create captivating featured images

As some top marketers say, “If the content is the king, design is the queen.” The image that you select for the blog needs to be attractive and captivating. You may find images from stock sites or create customized images using high-quality designing tools.

  1. Use popular blogs to display new ones

Some blogs are more popular than others, and they can be used to market the new and less popular ones to readers. If some new or less popular blogs are closely related to the popular ones, mention the former in the ‘Related’ section.

  1. Encourage social network followers to read the latest article

Your social network followers are your target audience, and you should encourage them to read the blog posts. Create a social media content calendar and share the blog posts using different types of media. Select the platforms that will be most effective, post the blogs there, and ask your followers to share their opinions. Add relevant and trending hashtags in the captions to enable more users to find the blog posts.

  1. Email the latest blog posts to your subscribers

Email is extremely effective for lead generation and marketing purposes. Send your email subscribers the link, snippet, or a sneak peek of the latest blog post. Devise an email strategy and make it better to get greater engagement and visibility on new blogs. Keep the mails crisp and use high-quality images to pique your subscribers’ interest.

  1. Maintain consistency in quantity and quality

After starting content marketing, you need to be consistent in the quantity and quality of your blog posts. Post at least one blog post a week, which will engage regular readers and keep them happy. It’s been found that businesses that post more blogs every month have better SEO ranking and traffic. Also, find out how many blog posts your competitors are posting every month and decide if you want to match or outpace them. A professional digital marketing services provider can help you create and post high-quality blog posts at regular intervals.

  1. Take guest posting opportunities

Guest posting is an excellent strategy to increase traffic to the blog page. There must be several websites and blog hosts that post guest blogs in your niche. Contact the sites and offer to guest post. If everything goes well, the websites will get high-quality blog posts, and you will get more exposure and some backlinks to your website. Guest posts enable you to expand your network and reach a wider audience base.

  1. Ask experts to guest post 

You can also enhance your blog quality by asking experts in your niche to guest post. You may connect with the experts and professionals you already know. Or you can find them using several tools and professional networking sites such as LinkedIn. This will enhance your follower and lead count and boost your online authority.

  1. Repurpose your blogs for other platforms 

Repurposing new and old blog posts enable you to get the most out of your content. You can customize the blog content for several platforms in many creative formats. Convert the data and figures into infographics. Use blog ideas to write a script for YouTube videos. Take noteworthy statements and turn them into quotes. Compile related blogs into an ebook. Recycle key takeaways of some popular blogs.

On the whole,

Creating relevant and valuable content is extremely useful for a business to build its brand. But marketing is even more important to ensure that it reaches the target audience. Creating content without a solid content marketing strategy defeats its purpose. At PeddleWeb, we know the importance of content marketing, and we provide excellent content marketing services and digital marketing services. Connect with our team of experts to know how we can help you with our solutions.

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