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11 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring a PPC Company

11 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring a PPC Company

Do you know that more than 95% of people use the internet to search for local businesses?

The increased usage of the internet allows businesses to display an advertisement to attract potential customers. The search ads are in demand more than ever. Google Adwords is a key component to drive traffic and improve conversions. In fact, PPC (Pay Per Click) is one of the preferred choices for advertising among companies who want to witness instant results. 

Nonetheless, running a PPC advertising expertise and prior experience to achieve better outcomes. If you are a business owner and marketer who wants to hire a PPC management company, you have landed at the right spot. Before you make the final decision, consider asking these key questions to the PPC agency.

1. What analytics and metrics will you track?

While you are hiring a PPC company, you should get a clear understanding of which analytics and metrics they will track. Ultimately, the results and the impact of the advertisement will be necessary to understand insightful details. Before they launch your campaigns, get a clear understanding of what determines success and what results, click-through rates, conversion rates, or customers. 

2. What are your strategies to understand my business? 

This is an essential element to get involved in the paid search engine marketing campaign. If the hired firm does not have comprehensive information about your business, it might face many difficulties running successful advertising. Hence, ask them about their strategies, analyze your business and find the keywords to target in the search term. 

3. How do you decide the right keywords for the advertisement?

It is essential to know how the PPC agency will find the right keywords and create and publish the ads based on that. They should never be relied on tools (like Google keyword planner) solely. The PPC management company should use its own unique tactics to smartly select the keywords.

4. What is your practice for monitoring the search terms? 

Search terms are one of the crucial PPC campaign segments. The right search terms will eventually lead to higher traffic and greater conversions. Usually, the search terms demand industry knowledge. So, it will be better to know whether the agency you are working with has a systematic approach to monitoring the search terms.

5. Do you bid for maximized conversions on campaigns or manual PPC? 

You should not change to maximize conversions till you have a specific amount of conversions. Most campaigns should start using manual PPC or maximized clicks versus maximized conversions. Once you have a sufficient conversion date, you can make the switch to the conversions. 

6. How do you decide on match types (exact keywords vs. phrase vs. broad match modifier ?)

It will be necessary to understand how the agency will handle the different match types. If your business falls under the minimal search volume, a long-tail broad match will be helpful. Thus, make sure the PPC management company you are hiring is working on the right track in terms of practicing the match types.

7. What is your plan for creating campaigns throughout the onboarding process? 

It is imperative to know the critical thinking process following how this PPC company will establish a campaign. Of course, there needs to be a direct link between account structure and your business metrics.

8. Do you require any information to refine the set-up of our campaign? 

Generally, the company or agent who will be handling your PPC campaign will require some details about your business. Rather than letting them know about the details, later on, it will be better to ask them upfront. This information will help you in setting up the campaign effectively. 

9. How will you track conversions?

Having a checklist to map the conversions beforehand would be much beneficial. The PPC agency should have a well-defined approach to tracking and maintaining the record for conversions and other important data. 

10. How will you report us?

Reporting of your PPC campaign is vital to understand the success or downfall. So, ask the paid search engine marketing company about their reporting practices.

11. Who will have ownership of the Adwords account?

This could be the most critical question of all to ask. You need to make sure you have total ownership and control of your Google Adwords account. Many agencies will create your account within their own Adwords account and restrict your access to your account. 

All in all, asking all the questions you have in mind is extremely important while hiring a PPC management company. The answers from the agency will clear your doubts allowing the opportunity to partner up with the firm. Ask the above-mentioned question and thoroughly understand their working approach for a PPC campaign. This will help in estimating how they can benefit your business in making the campaign successful. 

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