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6 Factors That Measure The Value Of The Links

Building links is a time-consuming process. There is no rocket science to build numerous valuable links overnight. As you proceed to establish the mound on link building, you need to assess the sources while you approach them to link your site. Your website will only get advantages from high-quality backlinks.

Quality links refer to the do-follow backlink within a web page’s content on a high-quality website (that is relevant to your topic). Generally, the highest quality backlinks utilize the most relevant keywords within the anchor text of the links. Assessing the certain criteria will be helpful to measure the value of the backlink.

Still, not sure how to measure the values of links for your website? Go through this blog, and the picture will be clear in your mind. This article focuses on the elements while assessing the value of links.

#1. Relevancy of the links

Relevancy is the prime factor to increase the value of a link. No matter how credible backlinks you have, it will not be beneficial if it is not relevant to your business’s subject matter. It means that the backlink counts valuable only if it is relevant to the industry a company serves in. The most relevant backlinks count more valuable than the ordinary links from the random source. Hence, make sure you have checked the source’s relevancy before asking the link to your site.

Tip: It is better to acquire a lesser number of relevant links rather than getting more numbers on irrelevant backlinks.

#2. Domain Authority

Domain authority indicates a website’s relevance for a specific subject matter or business sector. This relevance directly impacts on website’s ranking through search engines. The search robots assess domain authority through automated analytic algorithms. The overall score from 0-100 is calculated for the domain authority, where the higher number shows more credibility. For instance, while approaching to get the backlink from the others, choose the websites with higher domain authority. This will boost the value of the link and increase the credibility of your site.

Tip: The site with higher domain authority automatically improves the value of your link.

#3. Unique Root Domains

The number of links is also crucial as it improves the value. However, two links from the same website will only count as only one root domain. It means that, while analyzing the value of links, only count one link per root domain. Nevertheless, you definitely need to have more numbers of backlinks for your website.

Tip: focus on acquiring high-quality links through unique root domains.

#4. Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is the key element to make your business profitable all the time. The more organic traffic a site has, the more valuable links can be. It means that you need to build the links through the website that is having more organic traffic. This type of backlink will help you increase your website’s credibility along with
the improved search engine rankings.

Tip: keep in mind that organic traffic is the key to boost the website rankings drastically.

#5. Anchor Text

Anchor Text Depth Breakdown chart

Source: Moz

It is the clickable text in a hyperlink. If your anchor text is relevant to the page you are linking to, it improves the link’s value. The various anchor text types include generic, brand + anchor text, random anchor, related, anchor, and many more. Depending upon the requirements and industry your business serves in, you should choose the anchor text. There should be at least 30 – 40 %branded anchors and partial match anchors as a rule of thumb. This improves the value of the links.

Further, as anchor text suggests readers what to expect before they even click the link, the chances of qualified visits improve. Also, it indicates the search engine robots what the content about is.

Tip: take advantage of anchor text to inform search engines and the reader to inform the content and increase the click-through rate.

#6. Competitor Analysis

Before asking for the backlinks on various platforms, make sure you have performed the competitors’ analysis. The analysis will inform where your competitors stand and what you need to do to sustain the competition. Undoubtedly, you should get more quality backlinks than your competitors to increase the credibility of your website’s backlinks and domain authority. Further, focus on acquiring the backlinks from the source that is untouched by the competitors. It will be beneficial to drive more traffic on your site.

Tip: Always think of getting the link from the sources where your competitors’ have not reached.

All in all, whenever you acquire a new backlink, verifying its value is the primary step you should perform. Make sure you have verified the relevancy, unique root domains, domain authority, organic traffic, and anchor text. This process will guide you through ending up with high-quality backlinks. Also, do not forget to execute
competitors’ analysis to shine out from the market competition.

If you have more backlinks based on the factors mentioned above, the value of links automatically increases. The more valuable backlinks mean higher visibility and credibility of a website.

Want to make your website credible through building high-quality links?

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