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6 Social Media Marketing Myths To Bust in 2021

Social media marketing is a compelling way for all types of businesses to reach potential customers. Your audience is already associated with brands through social media. If you are not interacting with them through various social media channels (like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest, etc.), you are missing remarkable opportunities. With a large number of daily users on social networks, your business should take advantage of social media marketing. In fact, social media marketing companies are reinforcing social media channels’ usage to promote a business. 

However, sometimes the misconceptions hinder the ways to promote a brand or publicize a business. Overcoming the myths is essential to take complete advantage of social media marketing efforts. Here we are emphasizing the most common 6 social media marketing myths to avoid. 

#1. Social media metrics cannot be measured 

Metrics are essential for a business to make strategic decisions. Since most of your audience is active on social media channels, the insights from the platforms will be much useful. For instance, you can measure customer behavior and create an analysis of the same. 

All that data can inform you whether your current campaign is profitable or if you need any modifications. You only need to determine which metrics to generate through the help of social media, and you can get many useful metrics. 

#2. Negative feedback can be safely overlooked 

The first thing you should do when receiving customers’ feedback is to reply to it, be it negative or positive. Social media marketing is not only about promoting the positive elements of your business. It also includes handling all negative feedback pointed at your company (for a product, service, etc.). Ignoring those negative reviews will create the worst scenario. 

Each customer is important for your business; hence, rather than just safely ignoring contrary views of them, understand their point, and try to resolve the matter. When you take a positive action towards a negative review, it creates value among all your customers. So, never ever overlook any feedback given by your potential customers.

#3. Email marketing is no longer compatible 

Social media marketing practices should not be ever considered as a replacement for other tools like email marketing. Emails still play a significant role in communicating an important message to your audience. Moreover, you can offer a personalized experience to make customers feel more valued.

For instance, you can send special offers to selected customers or wish them an anniversary/birthday and make their day. No matter what advancements occur in the digital marketing sector, email marketing will undoubtedly remain sturdy. 

#4. Social media and content marketing are two separate campaigns

This is one of the common assumptions that trap marketers. Social media channels provide a platform to promote your content (in various forms like infographics, posts, stories, articles, etc.). This establishes a connection between your brand and audience. 

On a simple note, social media and content marketing are co-related with each other. One can not sustain without the other. For instance, you have compelling content marketing strategies and plans, but if you don’t have a platform (i.e., social media), it is not worthy. So, consider both social media and content marketing as one huge campaign to promote your business, brands, etc. 

#5. Content topics should be limited to protect your secrets 

Small businesses and startups are intrinsically commencing their business with minimum resources. No matter how great an idea is, they are fighting to obtain attention in a world filled with more substantial, more established personalities irrespective of the industry they serve in. Most of the time, you might have received advice to protect your secrets, but why should you? The secret, unique things will help you to attract your audience. 

Knowledge is never enough to conquer or overcome your presence. Your secret recipe can easily be reverse-engineered from your business offerings. Thus, never hesitate to share what you know with your potential customers and trust in your capability to execute. Your readers will cherish your transparency and determination.

#6. Social media marketing is exclusively for gaining new customers

Certainly, social media marketing can help in getting new customers, but it is a primary function of the efforts. Social media marketing is much more than attracting customers. It builds brands, promotes businesses, and boosts sales. For instance, companies use social media marketing practices to run campaigns to build, maintain, or reshape branding. 

Of course, you will be attracting new customers with strategic social media marketing practices, but you can do more with it, irrespective of the industry you serve or the nature of your business. 

In a nutshell, don’t let the social media marketing myths hinder the growth of your business. Instead, let the marketing efforts bring flourishing success for your business. No matter what myth you have come across, validate it and look for alternative ways to get benefits out of it. If you practice the correct methods for social media marketing, surely, you can achieve expanded growth for your business. However, if you are looking for quick and measurable results, asking for expert advice would be much fruitful. 

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