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9 Key YouTube Trends in 2022 Every Digital Marketer Must Know

YouTube channel management

With more than two billion active users, YouTube is the most popular video-sharing website in the world. As per Statista data, the platform gets more than 22.8 billion visits every month. Many businesses and marketers have started taking YouTube SEO services and YouTube channel management seriously. As per Social Media Examiner’s industry report, 55 percent of marketers use YouTube as part of their digital marketing strategy.

At PeddleWeb, we provide professional YouTube SEO services for all types of businesses. In this blog post, we discuss the top nine YouTube trends of 2022 and how they can help in businesses’ digital marketing strategies.

  1. YouTube ads replacing traditional ads

YouTube ads are replacing regular ads. A new data states that seven out of ten viewers bought from a brand after viewing its advertisement on YouTube. YouTube ads are playing a huge role in shaping purchasing decisions. About 68 percent of YouTube users watched relevant videos to make a purchase decision. A Forrester research projected that nearly 50 percent of viewers will stop subscribing to paid cable. As per Statista, YouTube’s global advertising revenues totaled US$7 billion in the third quarter of 2021, which is a 43 percent y-o-y increase.

  1. Immersive shopping

The rise of YouTube’s immersive shopping videos has revolutionized the way people shop online and offline. Online shopping comes with its share of uncertainty and many people rely on the internet to know more about the products or services they intend to purchase. As per a study, about 80 percent of online shoppers viewed a YouTube video of the product they wanted to purchase. Apart from that, the watch time of shop with me has increased ten times in the last one year. As per YouTube stats 2022, the most popular shopping-type videos are hauls, gift guides, shop-with-me, product comparisons, product reviews, and best-of lists.

  1. Popularity of how-to videos

In recent years, YouTube has become one of the best platforms to learn something new. As per new data, 70 percent of YouTube users believe that they can learn how to do something new by watching how-to videos and tutorials on the video sharing platform. Businesses and marketers can upload how-to videos and share their expertise to benefit from the trend.

  1. Popularity of live-streaming

YouTube launched its live-streaming feature in May 2013 and over the years live stream videos have become more popular on their on-demand counterparts. As per Tubular Insights data, viewers spend eight times more time watching live videos than videos on demand. The bounce rate in live-stream is lower as most viewers tend to stay and watch a considerable portion of the videos. It also helps viewers to directly interact with the content creators and get instant responses.

  1. The rise of YouTube shorts

After launching the beta version in India in September 2020, the video-sharing platform launched YouTube Shorts in the US in March 2021. The new section enables content creators to upload videos with a maximum duration of 60 seconds. It is becoming immensely popular among content creators and viewers who prefer shorter videos. As of October 2021, YouTube Shorts generated more than 15 billion daily views all around the world. Businesses can leverage this section to share short videos and engage their target audience.

  1. More community engagements

YouTube introduced a Community tab in 2019 and it expanded its access in September 2021 to creators with less subscriber base. Since then, many content creators are using the tab to connect with their audience and share the latest news, texts, images, as well as to conduct polls. This has enabled small businesses and individual marketers to create a rapport with their target audience and gain valuable insights.

  1. Surge in branded searches

In the last few months, a large number of searches are for branded content. As per Ahrefs report on top YouTube search trends, branded searches comprised 52 percent of the top 100 list. Five search terms five appeared on the top ten list. Google data revealed that 70 percent of viewers who watched branded content on the platform were convinced to buy from the brand. 

  1. Videos for research

According to a new Pew Research Center study, a majority of the respondents said that they use the video-sharing platform for research and to know more about a particular topic. Many of them have subscribed to educational channels and channels that are focused on a particular niche like trading and investing. Not only individuals, many business people, and top executives use the website to gain knowledge. As per YouTube trends, 50.9 percent of business-to-business decision-makers use it for research.

  1. YouTube’s contribution to website SEO

YouTube’s video content has become a crucial part of many businesses’ SEO strategies in the last year. When compared to text content, videos are much more interesting and engaging. Many businesses are embedding videos into their web pages and blog content to boost their SEO efforts. A lot of digital marketers opine that embedding videos can enhance a website’s SEO. A professional YouTube SEO services provider can leverage YouTube videos effectively to help businesses enhance their website SEO.

In closing,

YouTube has become the go-to website for many internet users and it offers immense opportunities for businesses around the world. Over the years, the video-sharing platform has evolved a lot and the latest trends can play a key role in shaping digital marketing strategies. At PeddleWeb, we provide professional YouTube channel management and SEO services. If you are looking to have successful video marketing in place, contact our team.

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