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Agency or In-House Team: What’s best for your SEO strategies?

Hire an SEO Agency

Are you unsure whether you should work with a professional SEO company or not? Do you feel tempted to create an in-house team of interns and let them take care of search engine optimization? 

You are not alone to think so. Cost-cutting is as good as earning after all. However, do you know you can actually improve conversion and save a lot by outsourcing SEO to an agency? 

An effective SEO plan consists of several tasks. It’s undoubtedly not something that a one-person or two-person army can perform. 

Your plan should include the following functions:

  • Publishing two to eight blog posts every month 
  • Creating roughly 50 to 200 social media posts
  • Backlink analysis 
  • Guest posting on third-party sites 
  • Online reputation management activities
  • Handling PPC ad campaigns 
  • Creating and executing email marketing strategies 
  • On-page (technical) activities

Let’s look at the benefits of outsourcing a digital marketing department to a professional SEO services provider: 

Outsourcing enables you to focus on your firm’s core competencies

Most organizations delegate digital marketing supervision tasks to their product or service marketing department head. 

On the other hand, if you let a digital marketing agency handle search engine optimization, you can focus all your resources on running your business.

Your managerial talent can work more on core competencies and crucial aspects of the business rather than SEO. 

Get the best industry expertise

Outsourcing teams consist of search engine marketing professions who spend day-in and day-out in digital marketing activities. Their understanding of the landscape, experience, and collective knowledge can prove more robust than a single specialist. 

Digital agency associates are pro in related aspects like copywriting and web designing. Thus, they can detect a diverse range of issues and resolve them quickly. 

As marketing firms work with clients from several industries, they have an understanding of many sectors. You can get the best out of their multiple industries’ knowledge. 

Agencies offer their services at a manageable monthly cost. They have staff to handle different areas of digital marketing. 

You won’t have to hire a single internal SEO associate. 

Experienced teams can create better strategies 

A well-crafted digital marketing strategy by professionals results in a success story. They have the skills and experience needed for crafting successful campaigns. 

On the other hand, lesser experienced SEO associates working with interns can result in an average successful campaign. 

The reason is simple, professionals working for digital agencies know in and out about SEO. 

Agencies work towards improving rankings to maintain their reputation 

Even businesses with in-house SEO teams often find themselves stuck with low rankings. Then as a last resort, they consider hiring an agency to ensure they do not lose business to competitors.

There’s no one button to success. Improving search engine rankings and getting off-page, on-page SEO components in place is a lengthy procedure. Digital Marketing experts create a roadmap to slowly but steadily climb the search engine results ladder. 

No need to worry about the attrition rate

Data associated with employee turnover percentage indicates the attrition rate worldwide is around 10 percent. Things are more difficult in the tech space due to a more significant number of job openings at all times. 

High churn rates result in huge costs, but the factor remains ignored. The fact is, small and medium-sized companies find it difficult to retain talent. Thus, due to attrition, they spend a lot of money on hiring and training new people. 

Outsourcing digital marketing helps in reducing the burden on HR. They won’t have to spend time and resources in hiring or retaining top talent. 

You can expect cost savings 

Cost-saving should not be the primary motive. However, it remains one of the essential components in the list of benefits. 

Considering the salary and other employee benefits, outsourcing the work to an experienced agency proves far cheaper. 

Expect a better ROI 

SEO is not about paying for clicks. With better rankings, your revenue also changes dramatically with time. 

Search engine optimization can indeed help you get decent rankings without paying a fortune to Facebook, Google, or other platforms in advertising charges. 

Digital marketing agencies constantly monitor your business website and ensure your online business grows without hassles. 

Steps to guide you choose the best agency 

You would surely like to screen all the selected agencies before opting for their services. The company must practice what they preach. They should be able to support their success claims and achievements mentioned on their website. 

  • Has the agency or leadership worked for clients in your industry?
  • Can the agency offer industry-specific references?
  • Refer to the firm’s case studies 
  • Which factors does the agency consider crucial during the SEO campaign? Customer leads, conversions, or sales numbers?
  • Does the company look at the quality of links or quantity as a part of link building strategy?
  • How much time does the agency require to show initial growth? 

Also, look at SEO or digital marketing-related certifications that the agency has earned so far. 

Lastly, seek details for the SEO campaign cost. Seek a detailed proposal with task-wise prices. 

Why go elsewhere?

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