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App Store Optimization: Component for mobile app marketing

App Store Optimization Agency

Undoubtedly, mobile app marketing is associated with fierce competition. Roughly 2.7 million apps are available on Google play and about 1.8 million apps on the Apple store. You can now imagine the number of alternatives your customers can have while searching for an app in an app store.

Hence, it is crucial to make your mobile app stand out among possible alternatives through ASO.

This article focuses on the comprehensive details on the key component (ASO) for mobile app marketing.

First ASO 101, before we go further!

ASO – App Store Optimization is the process of improving your mobile app’s listing in the app store to maximize its visibility. By improving traffic to an app’s listing, you relatively increase more chances of getting more organic downloads.

Usually, ASO includes key steps such as;

  • Keyword research
  • Optimize for search and conversion
  • Tracking and measuring results

When you focus on ASO, you will get benefits like;

  • Improve app discoverability
  • Boost organic install
  • Lower acquisition cost
The important ASO factor you should consider includes metadata. 

On-metadata factors include app name/title, subtitle, short description, keywords, promotional text, icon, screenshots, preview video, etc.

When you optimize the visual and textual elements of an app in the app store, it helps in getting enhanced visibility.

Users generally influence Off-metadata factors through numbers of installs, ratings, and reviews.

Now let’s explore the essential ASO elements you should look for while focusing on mobile app marketing.

#1. The essential ASO Checklist to follow

The important step of the complete ASO process is to understand the target audience and potential customers of specific applications. Also, evaluate and monitor the competitors before creating a perfect SEO strategy. To gain quality users, iOS and Android app developers should follow the below App Store Optimization checklist to make sure their app gets the required visibility.

#2. Choose an appropriate app name

Pick the app name of your app that is unique and relatable to the app’s functions. The name can highly impact the performance of your search and organic installs.

Plus, you should optimize the right app, store keywords into your title, and add tags that reveal the application’s primary functionality. You choose up to 255 characters for the title.

#3. Optimize keywords

If you use the right keywords while executing ASO, it improves the search rankings quickly. Generally, apps with keywords in the title have relatively higher ranking possibilities, as users search apps with certain phrases.

#4. Intuitive app description

App description should be written in a simple and user-friendly tone. As it has a limit of 4000 characters, you should explain the core features along with the keywords so that the users can quickly understand the app basics. Plus, make sure to have the app description concise and encourage downloads.

#5. Highlight app icon

While searching for an app in the app store, the first thing noticed by the visitors is the app’s icon. The icon should be simple and impressive (size of 1024×1024 pixels). Also, be sure to have an eye-catchy, unique icon for your app.

#6. Screenshots and preview videos

Displaying screenshots and videos offers the users to understand how an app works. Use all-important screenshots that can make potential customers glance through the app before they actually download it.

Screenshots and app preview videos can intensify customer experience and provide better acumens into the app for your prospective users.

#7. App category and localization

Placing your app in the right category is essential, which improves the chances of getting found. Also, you should localize your application and track conversion rates that will improve your ASO strategy and form a strong online presence.

#8. Manage app reviews 

Positive reviews fuel the app downloads. The more positive reviews and ratings you receive, the more downloads it can get. Actually, it builds the credibility and authority of an app.

However, when you receive a negative review, do not leave the review unanswered. Give the best possible reply to show that you care about all the users and make efforts to improve the app.

#9. Check app status

Regularly checking app status will help you to take actions to improve the rankings and visibility of an app in the app store.

Overall, when you have an application to promote business, it is essential that you execute well-organized App Store Optimization. Of course, it requires strategic actions and a standardized process to encounter fruitful results.

PeddleWeb offers mobile app marketing services that help in increasing organic app installs and user engagement. From identifying the right keywords to presenting the compelling app description, we offer App Store Optimization that reflects positive results. Connect with us to know more about how we can help to improve the visibility of your app in the app store.

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