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Here’s how branding and marketing are intertwined

Difference between marketing and branding

As a digital marketing services provider, we come across several entrepreneurs who think branding and marketing mean the same. And, you are here perhaps because you wish to know more about the difference between both. These two play a completely different role in telling your audiences about your firm. 

Let’s take a look at core definitions for both. Then, focus on aspects that prove marketing and branding are intertwined. 

What is branding?

Branding is the process of drafting an image or identity for the organization. Your company’s mission and values are the essential elements of branding. These factors help employees and customers to set expectations. 

Branding establishes what your business stands for. It involves developing a voice, personality for the brand. The essence, voice, and values need to align with features that help your products or services stand apart from the competition. 

What’s the reason for your firm’s existence? Which problems can you solve? Which type of culture do you want your organization to support? Which factors help your company stand apart from the competition? Which emotions do you want people to associate with your brand? Branding helps in answering these questions. 

Branding also involves developing visual aesthetics like icons, photography, color palette, typography, and logo for the organization. You can use branding materials for company website elements, social media campaigns, branded content, digital and print ads, etc. 

These things need perfect coordination between the company’s senior leadership and in-house designers or a creative agency. People working on innovative aesthetics have to be familiar with the company’s values, beliefs, and range of products or services. Artists who understand your company’s values won’t need guidance in selecting the starting point. 

What is marketing?

Marketing helps in taking your brand and offerings in front of the target audiences. 

Marketing activities assist in raising awareness about products and services for increasing sales. The brand message remains consistent in various branding activities. 

Depending on the strategy, marketing activities consist of SEO (including local and mobile), social media posts, PPC, emails, print, and digital advertising. A brand marketing company can help you choose the best elements to create a strategy that yields results. 

Branding or marketing, which activities should start first?

You might wonder, what should the organization start first, branding or marketing? The answer is simple, what would be your marketing campaign’s focus without brand elements? So, branding comes first and marketing second. 

Your marketing activities should focus on your brand’s core values. What’s so unique about your brand? What does it bring to the table? Communicate the same to the target audience. 

Branding offers long-term consequences  

Marketing activities are short-term, and they have a start and end time. No doubt, these campaigns are crucial for building a successful business. 

Branding, on the other hand, is permanent. It helps in cultivating a solid relationship with the target audience. 

Branding affects customers and employees. It helps in creating trust about the company amongst employees who sell your brand to consumers. Employees will work passionately and devote themselves to work if they trust the organization. 

Showcasing your brand’s voice 

People choose to buy products or opt for the service depending on the brand voice. A clear voice can also help in retaining consumers in the future. 

Your marketing initiatives help consumers understand what your brand represents. These efforts help you showcase your brand voice strongly and clearly. 

You can win consumers if you highlight why your brand exists. The brand statement, combined with marketing strategies, helps sell the idea behind products or services to the consumer. 

You can work with a reputed digital marketing company to ensure your marketing initiatives revolve around the brand statement and voice.

The loyalty factor 

Whether the business is small or a big one, every firm faces fierce competition these days. Marketing helps in capturing attention and making an impact on consumers.  

After spending a fortune and attracting customers, you would certainly want to hold them back for long. And this is where branding comes into the picture. 

Put simply; marketing helps businesses in attracting attention and competing. On the other hand, branding plays a crucial role in holding them back. 

How does this work? 

Consumers prefer buying from companies that they trust and recognize. Marketing can help in reaching the audience and create recognition. But, branding helps in building trust and emotional connection. It assists in creating positive emotions and customer loyalty. In the long term, these factors ultimately help in generating more revenue for the firm.

Two of the best global branding examples 

What’s the point in just being another name in the list of businesses? You certainly want your company to be associated with a positive experience and high-quality service. Powerful branding helps in doing just that. Let’s take a quick look at well-known examples. 

  • ZARA

ZARA has created a reputation for itself in the mid-price market by offering high-end latest fashion trends at affordable prices. 

The brand considers consumers as its most valuable assets. Thus, it offers excellent customer service at every store worldwide. 

ZARA’s core values are sustainability, functionality, clarity, and beauty. It has conveniently managed to attract and retain a robust set of consumers spread across countries, cultures, and age groups. 

  • Airbnb

Before two decades, the idea of living at a total stranger’s home in an unknown city would have sounded crazy. The trust around Airbnb’s global branding has convinced us to do precisely the same.

It has a presence in 190 plus nations worldwide. People associate the brand with a sense of community and trust.  Captivating storytelling and localization go hand-in-hand with brand Airbnb. 

The endnote:

Treating branding and marketing as stand-alone processes does not work. For the business’s overall success, it is crucial to acknowledge that branding and marketing are intertwined. 

After establishing the brand values and mission, you should immediately start creating marketing strategies for promoting your brand on multiple mediums. 

Are you unable to get the most out of your brand? Connect with team PeddleWeb, let our professionals write a success story for your organization by combining your brand values with excellent digital marketing strategies. 

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