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Here’s How Social Media Is Bringing A New Life For Business

Social Media for Business

Are you unsure about the full potential of social media for growing your business? As a marketer, you wouldn’t want to let go of even a single potential lead. Then why ignore millions? As an SMO services company, we have created these stats-backed points that highlight the significance of social media for any business. 

Change form unknown to a well-known  

If you consider the number of worldwide users, it is safe to say over half of the world’s population has a presence on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Staying away from these channels is like ignoring potential customers.

You might wonder, do users show interest in new brands? Here is the answer…

Approach any social media optimisation specialist. They can elaborate that Instagram is not just for puppy videos and beautiful selfies. 

As per a recent study, a considerable percentage of Instagram users discover new products and brands on the platform. 

Who knew about Bukalapak, Camp Brand Goods, Bloom & Wild, Pet Love, Framebridge before they made it in the headlines due to their Instagram campaigns?

A liquor brand achieved a 17-point lift in advertisement recall among outdoor enthusiasts with their Facebook campaign alone. 

Moral of the story? 

People won’t choose your product over others unless there is brand awareness. The best way to put your brand under the spotlight is by boosting visibility on social media. These platforms can also help you reach a large number of potential consumers. 

Are your competitors already making noise on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook?  No worries…

You can create a place for your business even in crowded spaces. Consider using content formats like videos, images, and surveys to engage audiences. Such forms of content get a better position in newsfeeds. However, investing and creating high-quality content is crucial. Don’t settle for the lowest bidding writer. Do it yourself.

Broadcasting live events on Facebook, Twitter with influencers can help in grabbing attention. Memes, GIFs can keep audiences entertained at other times. Start a conversation.

The content strategy should focus on ways to start a conversation. Think of points that might compel audiences to comment on your post. Give customers more of what they want to see. 

Also, give equal significance to your social media campaign goals.

Do you want to create awareness about products that your business offers? Do you want consumers to visit your local store? Replies to these questions will help your firm choose between Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as the best fit. 

A well-written ad copy can bombard your website with traffic 

Your well-crafted blog posts need readers, and sharing them on social media is the best way to present them to people. Social media platforms are a great source of traffic for websites. 

Besides traffic, the general comments, likes, and shares play a crucial role in increasing your website’s visibility and reach. 

As per the Search Engine Journal, websites get more than 60 percent of their traffic from Facebook. Other sources are Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. 

Triggering conversations and encouraging engagement 

Even a simple social media post promoting an awesome wallet receives shares, likes, and an unbelievable number of comments. 

Prospect buyers seek feedback on the product from strangers. They ask for information about shipping charges, delivery timeframe, color options, and so on. 

Put simply; social media has the potential to create loyalty, build relationships, and start a conversation about the business. 

Every firm must have a social media support team. The staff should work in coordination with product development executives to pass on the feedback. 

Some business owners, especially small and medium-sized, feel intimidated due to the constantly evolving features of social networking sites. Remember, you should give yourself time to learn. Connect with audiences using new ways.

You can get a better insight into followers’ preferences by conducting a quick Facebook Live Q&A session.

A tripod, smartphone, and good lighting are things you need for creating engaging video content yourself.  You can also continually work with an SMO services company for content creation. 

Social media customer support is the future of customers service

  • Staying away from social media is not an option for businesses during the coming months. The presence is considered a sign of genuineness. 
  • Shoppers are more likely to buy from a business that responds to social media messages. 
  • Forrester’s study suggests that 80 percent of consumers with social media presence prefer to contact a brand via social networking sites. 
  • Customer service interactions on SM may rise by 40 percent this year alone.
  • Roughly 60 percent of consumers who file complaints via social media expect a reply within an hour. 
  • Traditional customer service and social consumer care need to go hand in hand. Thus, companies need to upgrade their communication arsenal. A tool like a social CRM helps manage live chat, emails, text messages, and social media interactions via a single platform.

Generate quality leads 

Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram offer specially designed advertising formats for lead generation. 

Any marketer’s strategy remains incomplete without social media lead generation. 

A study published by Hootsuite recently highlighted the use of social media platforms for improving lead generation quality. The data also highlights B2B marketers use Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter for lead generation. 

On the other hand, customers also find social media as a low-commitment and easy way to express interest in various products. 

Depending on the type of ads chosen, marketers can generate more leads and spend less than other digital ads. 

Creating a community of critics and brand promoters

In traditional forms of online and offline marketing, the brand is entirely responsible for spreading the message. Companies indulge in sending email newsletters, flyers, and standard media ads as a part of their campaigns. But word of mouth somehow fails to spread quickly. 

However, with social media marketing, the business does not have to worry about sharing. Social networks promote sharing, and this results in a substantial positive impact on business. 

Followers will share the brand’s content if they appreciate the same. They will offer positive word-of-mouth publicity. Such actions are precious and result in massive traffic for the company website. 

You can build a community of promoters around your business. Seek their positive and negative reviews post product or service launch. Have conversations, facilitate discussions to build relationships with current and potential consumers. 


If you cannot drive traffic, generate leads, or start conversations about your business, you probably need a new social media strategy.  

Team Peddleweb can assist you in developing a strategy that can yield superb results. Clients opt for our social media optimization services due to our excellent track record. Feel free to connect with us today.

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