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How Businesses Can Increase User’s Engagement on Facebook?

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In today’s time, social media presence greatly impacts the success of a business. One of the best social media platforms that businesses must use to drive engagement is Facebook. This social media platform has above 2.7 billion active users. Creating a Facebook business page is very important, especially for small businesses. It not only helps in expanding a business’s reach but also helps in bringing in more business. Several businesses are already utilizing Facebook marketing services to engage a large number of audiences. A Facebook business page can help you connect with your potential customers. You can easily provide them all the important information about your business, products, services, offers, upcoming events, etc. 

To get the maximum benefit of this platform, it is important to optimize your Facebook for Business profile perfectly. You can take the help of a professional Facebook marketing company for the proper optimization of your Facebook business page. 

Steps to Increase Engagement on Facebook

When creating a Facebook business page, make sure to include all the important details like your contact information. It is also important to engage with your audiences. The more engagement you drive; the more chances are your business getting noticed. Here are some of the key steps to follow to enhance engagement on the Facebook Platform:

  • Schedule your posts when most of your followers are online: It is important to plan your posts in advance. One of the biggest mistakes that most businesses do is posting their posts when their followers are not online.  This way most of their followers miss out on their important posts. So, how to know when your followers are online? Well, you can easily determine the right time when most of your followers are online by clicking on the insights on your Facebook page and then clicking on posts. This way you will get to see a graph showing the number of followers that are online each hour during each day. Now you can easily make a decision to schedule a post at the time when most of your followers are online. 
  • Go live and interact with your audience once in a while: Do you know that a Facebook Live has around 35% higher reach as compared to an uploaded static post. Still, the Facebook Live feature is one of the most under-used and underrated features of this social media platform. Going live means you are interacting with your followers and engaging them in real-time. Unlike posts that followers usually scroll through, thinking that they will check it out later as it will remain on the wall, in case of the live interaction, they would stay for the whole duration as they don’t want to miss out on anything important. In simple words, going Live gives your audiences a personal touch on the Internet. They feel more interesting while interacting with a person directly rather than interacting with a machine. 
  • Give preference to video clips along with posts: An average user stays on your post for around 1.7 seconds. However, when they come across a video that starts playing immediately, they stop and look at it. If they found it interesting, they might give a reaction as well. You will be amazed to know that more than 500 million users watch about 100 million hours of video content every day on Facebook. Though well-structured content and a good picture can also grab people’s attention, there is something unique about videos that get people automatically attracted towards them, every single time. Therefore, to engage your audiences, try to post more and more posts. Make sure to upload videos directly to the platform instead of copy-pasting a link. To get more benefits, you can add an attractive title to your video and even add a couple of keywords to it. 
  • Try to respond to as many queries, reviews, and comments as possible: Your followers or users generally interact with your business via their comments, queries, messages, or reviews on your Facebook page. When you respond to them as a brand, it makes them feel more valued and special. Moreover, when you respond to direct messages, your response time is also displayed on the page. Responding to users plays an important role in engaging them. It also creates a good impression of your responsiveness. When replying to a comment on your post, it will be visible to multiple people from the friends’ list of the commenter. On the other hand, when responding to the user’s queries and reviews, you get to learn about the user’s behavior. You can create your content and service based on your user’s behavior, needs, and requirements. In simple words, being responsive means better reputation management. It not only makes more people engaged but also leads to higher visibility. 
  • Be active on Facebook Groups: Facebook Group is another underrated platform on Facebook. Businesses must utilize the benefits of Facebook Groups. This is the platform where you can find several people who share similar likes and interests. This type of group helps you to better engage and advertise your brand with a group of people having an interest in the kind of service or product you offer. 


To conclude, if you follow all the above-mentioned steps, you will experience a huge improvement in your engagement level on Facebook. You need not spend huge on advertisements and promotions, just follow all the key tactics mentioned above and see the results. If you are looking for the best Facebook marketing services, then connect with PeddleWeb today. It is the fastest-growing Facebook marketing company that helps businesses in improving their user engagement on various social media platforms.

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