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How Instagram Marketing Firm Can Help Promote Your Business

You are probably thinking of using Instagram for lead generation and selling products. Thus, planning to choose the best Instagram marketing agency. A decade ago, no one thought Instagram could turn into a platform for firms to market and sell products. Today, it is crucial for brands to maintain a presence on Instagram. It can help your business grow in broader ways. 

Compelling numbers  

You would certainly like to know the platform’s potential for marketing. Take a look at these interesting stats

  • One billion individuals use the platform every month. 
  • When it comes to the ratio, 49 percent of users are male, while 51 percent happen to be females. 
  • The average user spends a minimum of 30 minutes on the platform owned by Facebook.
  • Overall, 130 million users tap on shopping posts. 
  • Roughly 50 percent of users make online purchases after seeing products or service-related posts on Insta. 
  • Around 80 percent of Instagram users follow businesses on the platform. 
  • Instagram business accounts get an average engagement rate of 0.96 percent per post.
  • You can also access Insta via laptop or computer besides the app. Thus, it has become the sixth most visited website worldwide. 

Businesses that are getting the best out of the platform

Firms in education, real estate, health & wellness, food & beverage, entertainment, and fashion use Insta more than other sectors. 

Often referred to as Facebook’s visual extension, Insta offers multiple types of posts. 

A quick look at types of posts that can increase sales: 

  • Product placement posts
  • Instagram giveaway
  • Testimonials 
  • Product review posts
  • Poll posts
  • Contests
  • Sneak peek posts
  • Instagram stories
  • Reels
  • Shoppable Instagram posts
  • Posts on limited-time sales

Let professionals develop a customized campaign

Experienced professionals are champs in handling analytics and performance statistics offered as a part of Instagram Business Profile. They are experts in Insta advertising. 

Choosing the best Instagram optimization services firm is crucial to explore the best opportunities. Here’re some tips to expedite the selection process for you. 

  • Keenness in knowing USPs for products and services 

The agency you select needs to perform the critical task of choosing and highlighting USPs from your products. Your Insta campaign can drive results only if the team understands your business well. 

It will help if you work with an agency that believes in knowing clients and product details before offering a quote.  

Ideally, you can consider the firm capable enough to understand your business if they have experience working for many industries. 

  • A strong portfolio

Every business needs a different approach, a distinct strategy. Understanding the team’s ability to deliver is essential. Getting a great insight into the agency’s work can help you decide if the firm is a good fit.

Consider taking a look at their current or recently concluded social media campaigns. 

Check some of the recent posts to understand how they run campaigns. A high volume of responses indicates the team can offer valuable results. 

Experience in working for clients from the industry can work as an added advantage. But, it certainly should not be the primary criteria for selection. 

  • Weekly meetings 

A strong relationship with the marketing team is vital for perfect coordination. Weekly meetings to discuss hurdles and finding solutions can be helpful.

Before signing the contract, ensure the agency prefers weekly communication and appoints a project manager to look into your issues.

  • Key metrics for focus 

What’s your primary goal? Do you wish to focus on lead generation, website traffic, engagement, reach, or sales?

Check if the selected agency has delivered on the chosen metrics in the past. 

Ask about the metrics they prefer monitoring as indicators for campaign success. See if they are willing to change the goalpost as per your needs.

  • Assistance in handling influencer relationship 

Influencers can help grow audiences within a short period. So, businesses have formed partnerships with Instagram influencers for lead generation.

There are influencers in almost every industry. Food, music, fashion, entertainment, gaming, or automobile, you name it. Influencers with consolidated brand affinity can help you reach untapped followers. 

Don’t have a budget enough to work with top influencers? No worries, you can opt for micro-influencers. They have between 10k to 100k followers and readily work with small brands. 

Micro-influencers have die-hard fans who take time to respond to posts. Several small business ventures have succeeded in creating a space for them with the help of influencers. 

Choosing influencers for such creative partnerships can be tricky. However, if you work with a digital marketing firm, they can assist you with insights on the best suitable person. 

  • The price factor 

Pricing varies from one firm to the other. It depends on the type of content, your goals, and the agency’s experience. 

If you intend to use video content and influencers as vital elements in your campaign, it is advisable to dedicate a large budget. 

Getting quotes and determining the best fit may take time. Most companies do not disclose pricing on their website. You need to contact them, share your campaign vision, and wait for their quote. 

The contract can be for a three or six months period with different pricing. Seek a quote with details for all the fees, charges, and taxes applicable. 

Long story short, working with an agency can offer the following benefits: 

  • The best use of Instagram lead ads
  • Choosing the best hashtags 
  • Using Instagram shopping features
  • Creating a landing page that delivers 
  • Develop excellent content leading to strong call-to-action
  • Analyzing Instagram Insights 
  • Assistance in choosing Instagram influencers 

The endnote:

An Instagram campaign can prove to be an excellent deal for your brand. Unsure about what to start and from where? Connect with PeddleWeb. We can create a marketing strategy based on your unique business goals.

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