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How To Improve Organic Traffic: Top 9 Tips

How To Improve Organic Traffic: Top 9 Tips

Organic traffic refers to the website traffic that comes from the organic searches through search engines, not from paid marketing efforts like display ads, search ads, and so on. The more organic traffic a website has, the higher the chances of making a business profitable. Organic traffic is not only affordable but also improves conversion and sales. 

Let’s explore the top 9 tips to improve organic traffic for your website here. 

#1. Plan SEO Strategy 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays a vital role while driving organic traffic to a website. You should have a strategic plan for SEO that offers a user-friendly navigation experience to the users and guides search engines to display your site for the searched queries.  

Additionally, your website should be optimized for on-page and off-page SEO to drive organic traffic. Create a list of keywords and choose them wisely to drive a specific segment of the audience. The step-by-step strategic action plan will gradually improve organic traffic on your website. 

#2. Prioritize Reader Interest 

A website that does not catch readers’ interest won’t have more traffic. Whenever you are focusing on improving organic traffic, the audience needs to be at the focal point. You can identify their main problem or other things they are looking for on the web and then craft content and website structure accordingly to keep them visiting your website. 

Once you have determined what your audience search for or which information they need, you can craft your website that your potential customers prefer to use and recommend. 

#3. Check For technical Errors 

A website with technical error loses the higher ranking positioning. Even if you have high-quality content or useful stuff to offer, you will not get highlighted in the search engine result pages—consequently, no organic traffic. 

Hence, make sure all the technical aspects of your site are appropriate, and periodically assess technical errors and troubleshoot them. Technically sound websites will have higher chances of getting organic leads as they can be displayed at relevant search queries. 

#4. Set Up A Blog 

Blogging is a great way to promote a product or service and share other business information with the target audience. You need to identify the business offerings and keywords related to it in order to create a useful article for the customers.

For instance, focus on creating how-to guides, provide an informational checklist, or describe critical features or the product/ service. This information will help the users to understand your business offering thoroughly. A uniquely written article (often educational and useful) gets higher rankings that essentially drive organic visitors to a site. 

#5. Design For Mobile 

With the increased usage of mobile devices across the globe, a responsive website can have a higher number of visitors. Besides, you never know which device your customers will use to access your products or services; hence, you must consider a mobile responsive design that will be crucial to bringing in organic traffic. 

Further, the responsive design offers a sleek and user-friendly navigation experience, which will entice the visitors to surf for a longer time on your website. This will directly or indirectly will improve the ranking positioning in the searched results. 

#6. Curate Your Keywords 

Choosing the right keywords is important while you are targeting the right audience. The keywords you will select will guide the search engines to display your site for the same or similar search queries. If your keywords are not smartly chosen, you might get qualified traffic. Also, you require to narrow down your keywords with long-tail phrases. 

For instance, if you are targeting local visitors, the name of the town or city at the end of the keyword, i.e., crafts products in Ahmedabad, will be useful. However, you must implement the strategic plan for curating the keywords to drive organic, qualified traffic to your website. 

#7. Correct The Meta 

Meta tag impacts your sites’ ranking in the search engine result pages along with getting clicked in acquiring more traffic. Meta tags are the title of each page of your site, which should be unique as per the content and keywords. Appropriately written meta tag will guide search engines to display your site for relevant searches and effectively get organic traffic.

#8. Optimize Internal And External Links 

Appropriate linking to your site is crucial to drive traffic and get qualified leads. Internal linking is an indispensable ranking factor, while external linking is building page authority. It means that the strong internal and external linking will be beneficial to improve organic traffic. 

More specifically, internal linking enables connections between your website pages. It has numerous advantages, such as increasing your usability, user experience, and your rankings. On the contrary, external linking will build credibility so that you can get in more traffic from reliable sources. 

#9. Promote With Social Media 

With billions of everyday users on social media, a business that has a strong social media presence can embrace the opportunity to drive social traffic. With the engaging content and encouraging customers’ participation, take strategic actions to draw them to your website. 

For example, promote a blog post on social media and entice the readers to visit your site. Also, list a few key details about your offering with the landing page’s link that will help gain organic traffic. Briefly, take advantage of various social media platforms, create compelling posts with infographics, and drive more traffic. 

In a nutshell, you consider the mentioned tips and take actions accordingly to improve traffic on your site gradually. If you want to improve organic traffic for your website, we can help. At PeddleWeb, we offer customized SEO services that help businesses to attract organic traffic and expand business growth. Our SEO team will craft SEO strategies that best suit your business requirements to reveal intended results. Let’s connect to take advantage of organic traffic for your site and expand business growth opportunities. Contact us now!

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