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How to Master Google Smart Shopping Campaigns?

Google Smart shopping Campaigns

Looking for the best way to optimize a Google Smart Shopping campaign? If yes, then in this blog we will talk about various opportunities to optimize your Google smart shopping campaign. 

In a regular search campaign, the users have control over the keywords they target, the ad copy they use, and the audiences. They can use various elements to optimize their campaigns such as ad variations, Ad extensions, and bidding strategies. However, when it comes to Google shopping ad management, the campaign works quite differently.

In such campaigns, the online retailers need to submit product feeds that contain all the key details about the product. These feeds usually include:

  • Product name
  • Product cost
  • Shipping price
  • Shipping weight
  • Product images, etc. 

As all these listings are made available directly from the seller’s website, in Google search results, the users can see the present and accurate pricing of the products along with the offers and other important details. 

The reason behind creating smart shopping campaigns

Google created Smart Shopping campaigns to employ its machine learning capabilities. Retailers can use these campaigns to showcase their products across different networks. The smart shopping campaign automatically fetches product data from a feed and utilizes it to create attractive shopping ads designed specifically for your customers. Not only this, the campaign intelligently puts these ads across various Google networks using the bidding strategies that they choose. The ads will be shown in various places such as:

  • The Google search network
  • The Google display network
  • YouTube
  • Gmail

To get started with these campaigns, you just require a merchant center feed. One more important thing to note is that the more data you provide; the better results you will get out of your smart shopping campaigns. 

How to launch a smart shopping campaign?

Before you can launch a smart shopping campaign, you will need to set up:

  • A Google Ads account
  • A Merchant Center account with the latest product information
  • A link between your Merchant Center and Google Ads accounts

It is also important to go through all the policies related to the shopping ads that disclose what retailers can show and what not in a shopping ad. 

Ways to optimize your smart shopping campaign

Now that you know the correct way to launch a smart shopping campaign, here are some of the key optimization tactics that you can use to take your shopping campaign to the next level. Let’s have a look:

Product titles: It is very important to optimize your product titles as per your customer’s search. When you create any page on the web, make sure to create the title of your page or product that is relevant to user search intent. Why it is so important is because Google considers this element when determining the context of your page or products. You must include specific things in your title that a well-informed user usually searches for a particular product like the brand name, size, style, etc. All these details will help Google to direct high-quality leads to your product line. 

Product description: It is also important to optimize your product description carefully. A product description is the most important tool for Google to present your shopping ads to the most relevant leads. The product description is shown directly to the shopper below the product title. Therefore, you must include all the secondary relevant keywords that might not have fit in your product titles. One important thing to remember here is that do not do keyword stuffing. Just make sure to provide relevant, thoughtful, and detailed content related to your product. 

Product images: Images are the most important elements to attract customers’ attention. Product images are the very first thing that buyers usually see when looking at your shopping ads. Therefore, you must optimize your product images as per Google’s requirements. For instance:

  • Be sure to put high-quality images that are responsive for mobile devices.
  • The picture that you have selected must align well with the description, product title, and other elements.
  • Don’t include any images that contain watermarks, promotional texts, and manufacturer part numbers as these will be disapproved.
  • Select the images that you think will work best to reach your target audiences. 

Product categories: Another important way to optimize your smart Google Shopping campaign is to add product category information to your feed. You can select the categories from Google’s list of product taxonomy. Though this product category information will not be shown directly to the shoppers, it is an important attribute that Google considers when publishing the search results. Just be specific about your product categories to help Google direct the high-quality leads to your page or product. 

Make bid adjustments: You can make bid adjustments to get control over the type of users that can see your ads, where they see them, and when they can see them. You can easily set your bid adjustments based on the following demographics:

  • Schedule: It is the time of the day or day of the week that a buyer sees your ads. If you know that your ad gets maximum views on certain days or at a specific time, set your bid accordingly. This way, you can better optimize your campaigns with Cost Per Click (CPC) and cost per conversion in mind. 
  • Devices: Based on the performance of your ads on a particular device like mobile devices, desktops, and tablets, you must add a bid adjustment to get the most out of your budget.
  • Location: Use a location bid adjustment based on the location where you get the most site traffic or where taxes/shipping rates are lower. You can increase your bid for locations as per your sales requirements.

So, these are some of the key optimization opportunities that can help you carry out successful Google Shopping ad management and bring your business to a positive ROI. Connect with PeddleWeb today for indepth consultation.

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