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Know the Various Types of Advertisements in Top Social Media Platforms

Social Media Marketing

Since the mid-2000s, after the launch of Facebook and Twitter, social networks have not just revolutionized the way people connected but also the way businesses marketed their products and services.

Today, many big and small companies are leveraging various social media platforms and using social media advertising services to promote their offerings. In this blog post, we discuss various types of social media advertisements that can complement professional social media marketing services.

Benefits of social media advertisements

Here are five benefits of social media advertisements:

  1. Enhance brand awareness: With more than four billion active users, social media enable brands to display their advertisements to a large number of people. As more users view the ads, it enhances the business’s brand awareness.
  1. Target relevant audience: Social media platforms can help brands and marketers target a specific group of audience based on their gender, age, profession, location, behaviors, interests, and connections.
  1. Generate high-quality traffic: Social media advertisements increase traffic quality and quantity by targeting relevant audiences. When more target audiences view a social media advertisement, they are more likely to engage and visit the site to know more about the products or services.
  1. Reduce marketing costs: The cost of advertising on social media platforms is low compared to other media such as TV, newspaper, radio, billboards, and more. The precise targeting abilities of social media ads reduce overall advertising costs.
  1. Increase content visibility and brand recall: While advertising on social networks, brands unleash their creativity to create different types of content ranging from attractive images to high-quality videos. It enhances the visibility of their content and results in higher brand recall.

Types of social media advertisements

Here are the following types of social media advertisements:

  1. Facebook ads

Facebook is the largest social network in the world that has more than 2.45 billion monthly active users. Facebook ads enable brands to target potential customers by location, profession, previous activities, interests, and many other crucial demographic factors. Prices for Facebook ads differ based on various factors which include the budget set for the ads and the target audience. With the advertisements, businesses can drive target audiences and prospective customers to their websites and Facebook pages. Various types of Facebook ads:

  • Image ads: These are plain image ads that enable brands to upload an image and boost the post by some amount.
  • Video ads: These ads can play in stories and news feeds and can show as in-stream ads in videos.  
  • Carousel ads: These ads use a maximum number of ten images or videos to display products or services. These are effective in showcasing more than one offering or various features.
  • Poll ads: These mobile-only ads are useful to take audience polls and drive engagement. These have a two-option field on an image or video. 
  • Slideshow ads: These use collection of still images, video clips, or text to create short video ads.
  • Collection ads: These mobile-only ads display up to five images or videos and enable customers to purchase any product or service by clicking on the image.
  1. YouTube promotions

With more than 1.86 billion active users, YouTube is the second most popular social media site on the web. The video-sharing platform enables brands to post different types of ads such as:

  • In-stream video ads: These ads play before, during, and after the selected video and most of these provide viewers with the option to skip.
  • Banner ads: These advertisements show on top of the playlist or pop up during a video. Some of these ads are cost-per-click
  • Discovery ads: Similar to Google search ads, these are found on the search results page, YouTube homepage, and video watch page.
  • Clickable links: These ad links show in the corners of the screen.
  • Promoting on YouTube needs a Google Ads account, which enables users in creating advertisements on several spots on the video-sharing platform.
  1. Twitter promotions

The micro-blogging social media platform Twitter offers excellent opportunities for businesses and marketers to promote their brands and products. With Twitter ads, a business can select a tweet that it wants to promote and specify the target audience. After that, the social media platform will do the remaining work. Here are some types of Twitter ads:

  • Promoted tweets: These are like normal tweets, which the advertisers pay to show Twitter users who are not their followers.
  • Promoted accounts: These are accounts that advertisers pay to reach more users and gain more followers.
  • Promoted trends: These enable advertisers to promote trends and hashtags to appear at the trending topics.
  • Automated ads: With this, the first 10 tweets of an advertiser will appear automatically on the home pages of their targeted audience.
  1. LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn is the most popular professional networking site that has more than 740 million users. The platform also enables advertisers to post various types of ads such as:

  • Sponsored content: Through images, carousels, or videos these ads are shown in LinkedIn’s newsfeeds to reach many people.
  • Sponsored messages: The paid messages go into users’ LinkedIn inbox and tell them about the new messages.
  • Text and dynamic ads: These desktop-only ads appear above the user’s newsfeed 
  • Lead generation forms: These pre-filled forms in LinkedIn ads enable businesses to gather high-quality leads.

Summing up,

After determining the suitable social networks and the types of social media advertisements on each platform, you will be better equipped to advertise effectively. At PeddleWeb, we provide professional social media advertising services that can strengthen your marketing campaigns. Contact our team to know how we can add value to your business.

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