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Link Or Content: Which Is More Important For Your Website?

Most of the content creators get confused among what should they choose for their website; Link marketing or Content marketing? Continue reading this post to know the complete answer with facts. First, we will understand SEO, Content marketing, link building, their advantages, and, ultimately, the perfect choice.

SEO: What does it signify

SEO is a set of several activities that people use to rank their website pages to rank on the first page of Google. There are various aspects of SEO, content marketing and link building are two of them.

  • Link building

In the link building process, you can get backlinks for your website on other yet relevant websites. There are tons of strategies that we can use for link building such as blogging, customer reviews, guest posting, broken link building, etc.

There are more than 200 significant factors that search engines consider to rank your website. Link building is one of the top aspects that it considers while ranking websites in organic search.

  • Quality Content

Creating quality content is also one of the most used techniques to rank your website on the search engine. In this method, SEO experts hire content writers or create content by themselves to build quality content. It is also an awe-inspiring way to enhance the ranking of the site.

Content Marketing vs. Link Building

Here the real problem begins. Many people are not clear whether they should choose link building or content marketing. SEO has never been constant, and any trick or technique which is effective today can become illegal tomorrow.

Below are a few factors that will assist you in choosing which strategy you should follow:

  • Targets

You need to set the targets first. Link building is a quick process, and it is easy to get links from various sources. You can get links from your friends, other relevant sites, influencers, commenting, or liking posts. Whereas content marketing is a slow process, but it provides outcomes slowly but gradually.

  • Time and Resources

Link building requires less time compared to content marketing. You can contact 2-3 websites in the industry and get the backlinks. On the other hand, you demand to have a great time to generate results from content marketing.

  • Your team

The link building team requires no skills in content writing or technical aspects. Whereas, the content marketing department needs a good team that includes writers, designers, video editors, etc.

Link building for SEO

We have seen Link building in a nutshell. Now, let’s elaborate on it.

  • Guest Posting

It is the most common practice that bloggers and SEO experts use to generate more traffic and build links. In this process, you have to find a website related to your niche and have high traffic.

  • Directories

Directories are the space where you will find a listing of various sites, and it has a list of websites, companies, professionals, etc. You can get tons of backlinks from there.

  • Internal Links

You have to write blog posts to implement this method. If you have multiple pages, you can interlink those and gain a high ranking.

  • Dead Link Building

After some time, links become dead, and there could be various reasons for it. However, it could be an excellent opportunity for you to find out those links and create new ones. That’s how you can grow your site ranking.

Content Marketing for SEO

It is about creating unique and best content for long-term benefits.

  • Making Content

The fundamental thing is that you have to create content regularly. It should be unique and not copied because the content is the king and defines your site’s success.

  • Infographics and Videos

You can use infographics and videos as they are more attractive and practical than a simple blog post. People tend to focus more on visuals and images than text.

  • Interviews

Every content marketing campaign includes interviews. You can do interviews with big profiles and influencers of your business domain.

  • Programs and eBooks

It is a challenging, time-consuming, yet effective process. It would be a mistake to underrate the power of eBooks and programs. You can offer free books, programs and analyze customer’s requirements to create eBooks and programs.

  • Articles and Blogs

Articles are a compelling idea to market your business. If you have content resources in your domain, try every content marketing option. You can invite business leaders, tycoons, and influencers to share their articles with you.

Which is better?

SEO is a complex process, and these link building and content marketing are the most effective methods for it. We suggest that they both should go hand in hand. You can get better results using both processes than just one.

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