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SEO Strategy: Powerful Tactics to Adopt Amidst COVID 19

Top 10 SEO Strategies
Top 10 SEO Strategies

Many studies have highlighted how the coronavirus has changed shopping behavior. Therefore, search engine marketing professionals have upped the ante. Content and conversations have changed with the times. Different aspects of SEO have become the center of attention. As a business owner, you would want your campaign to shift gears for maintaining relevance, won’t you? Selecting a modern SEO company from India with latest SEO strategies can help you to lead the race amidst COVID 19. Here are some proven tips for ensuring a successful SEO marketing campaign during the pandemic.

  • Keep “local” search to the heart of digital marketing strategy

The coronavirus forced both small and large businesses to make operational changes. Large ones managed to survive despite a hit on the bottom line. But, small and medium-sized companies are struggling. 

Local businesses can process and deliver orders quickly at customer’s doorstep. Thus, SMBs can close more deals if they strike up a conversation around the same issue. 

People prefer local businesses close to their homes for making purchases. Local SEO helps SMBs in competing with big brands when it comes to search rankings. Firms that provide professional SEO services can help you with local SEO. 

Companies with complete and accurate Google My Business profiles can benefit. Are you a local business owner? If yes, you should ensure your firm’s GMB profile displays a precise address. Don’t forget to highlight opening times, contact details, and delivery timeframe for goods. 

  • Page-experience optimization

Google Core Web Vitals are a wake-up call for professionals. The page experience metrics cannot remain on the back burner. 

Tools like Lighthouse and Crux API provide superb insights. So, why ignore these crucial aspects? 

What matters? Basics like security protocols, image optimization, mobile-friendliness, and page speed. Businesses that ignore Core Web Vitals would fall behind competitors. 

Earlier, marketers focused on ensuring web pages are comprehensible and accessible to crawlers. Now, everyone must focus on how human visitors feel. 

Core Web Vitals helps Google detect annoying sites. Thus, by analyzing these stats, Google can ensure they offer good ratings only to websites that provide pleasant CX.  

Do you wish to make your website performance future-proof? Ask your team to incorporate page experience into search engine optimization workflow.

  • Mobile user experience (UX)

The majority of search queries come from mobile phones and tablets. Thus, the website and content must perform well on these devices.

Soon, Google will possibly completely ignore desktop versions of websites. It will determine rankings on mobile UX. So, the year 2021 has forced developers to shift mobile UX from a bare minimum to mobile-centric. 

Business owners should hire third-party professionals to audit the site. Ensure valuable images and content does not remain hidden on mobile devices. Pages need to be intuitive for visitors. 

Do you have a separate mobile site? Perhaps, it is time to opt for a responsive site. 

  • Target coronavirus and vaccine-related keywords 

Targeting trending terms is one of the most appreciated short-term strategies. Use long-tail, niche-specific keywords and rope-in healthcare guest bloggers to do the job. 

Writing posts about vaccination centers and post-vaccination care can be a good idea. 

Your content team can get vaccination campaign information from local bodies. Such blogs can help your business connect with prospects and future customers. 

  • Meta descriptions and long-tail keywords for meta tags

Meta descriptions and meta keywords play a vital role in page indexing. So, that time you spend researching keywords is undoubtedly worth it. Using long-tail keywords for meta tags can make your site a step closer to the consumer using voice assistants. Chances of your content appearing in featured snippets also remain high, resulting in more visibility for your brand. 

  • Measure engagement with heat maps 

Search engine user trends have constantly been changing since last year. Your business website may report an increase in the number of visitors. However, they may not convert into sales figures.  Thus, changing the way you measure results can be a good idea. 

Consider using heat maps to check the highest and lowest visitor engagement areas for your website.  

The method can help in understanding users. You can develop content accordingly to resonate with your audiences. The strategy may not result in an immediate sale but will work in your brand’s favor in the long term. 

  • Optimize site URL structure

If the site architecture and URL are structured logically, both search engine crawlers and humans understand the page’s purpose. Visitors are more likely to revisit the page if the URL is easy to remember. It goes without saying; an easily mapped-out structure works well for search engine crawlers.

  • Optimize long-form content for Google passage ranking 

A few tweaks in long-form content can make your site ready for Google Passage Ranking. Google uses neural nets and BERT to analyze content and rank passages. Updating keywords in headings and adding new stats with links in the content can be beneficial.

Publish long-form content and answer frequently asked questions related to the topic. Integrate long-tail keywords in the blog.

  • Ramp Up your website security

Hackers are using digital marketing frauds to target people. Many internet users fall for offers like “cheap MacBook Air” and even “corona special offer.” They aim to lure victims into filling forms to get sensitive information. 

Hackers often use trusted brand names as a part of phishing attacks. Besides business websites, even local government portals turn out to be easy targets. Thus, website security needs to be a priority for every organization. 

Developers should keep track of log files for crawl errors. Put SSO in place and get SSL certification done. Reload all your website plugins as soon as updates are available. Talk to your customers about security features on your website. 

  • Optimization for voice search 

The use of hands-free technology has drastically increased. Roughly more than 39.4 percent of the internet users in the U.S use voice assistants at least once a month.

 Focusing on conversational keywords, using schema to mark up content, and building FAQ pages are some of the steps towards optimizing your site for voice search. Develop persona-based content as much as possible.


From established enterprises to SMBs all are going through a hard time. Due to this, they lack in achieving the objectives or targets. These businesses can still grow by making minor changes in marketing strategy. 

Searching for a trustworthy SEO Company India? Do you wish to work with a team that handles campaigns for reputed clients from various sectors? Let us audit your existing campaigns to ensure proper messaging. Get in touch with PeddleWeb today.

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