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Social Media Marketing Funnel: A Distinct Approach

Social Media Marketing Funnel

A social media marketing funnel is a pathway customers use in their journey to associate with a business. The more positive experience customers receive throughout the journey, the more loyal customers you can have.

The strategic actions in each stage of the funnel improve the conversion rate. Traditionally, a social media marketing funnel is split into four main categories; Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Conversation. These categories almost remain the same irrespective of the types of products or services.

#1. Awareness 

Initially, your potential target audience becomes aware of the products or services you sell. The content you share on social media servers the primary purpose of spreading brand awareness and recognition.

#2. Interest

In the second stage, the prospective customers represent an interest in your brand. They may engage with the post you share (by liking, commenting, sharing, etc.) on social media.

Today, you can get more insights about the customers’ interests through analytical reports and posts’ impressions or reach. The more interest of customers you get, the more probability you have to convert them.

#3. Consideration

After customers’ interest, it’s your turn to nurture them and engage them with your brand. For instance, you can associate them with sales reps for a demo.

Also, you can allow them to read more content, testimonials, reviews, and other things about the product/ service you are offering.

#4. Conversion

Finally, the most engaged customers will willingly associate with your business offerings, and you can grab this opportunity to convert them as customers for your business. After conversion, most companies focus on post-sales services to get their feedback. Here marketers also do take advantage of cross-selling and up-selling.

However, applying the same marketing funnel may not reveal the same results for all businesses. With billions of users on social networks, social media marketing has to deal with the fierce competition.

If your business is not able to outshine the competition, the chances are lesser to sustain profitable growth. So what should you do?

Well, you should opt for the unique approach for the social media marketing funnel. When you opt for a distinct approach, you can attract and retain more customers to your business.

Let’s break down the funnel into smaller segments; Attract, Engage, Convert, Connect, Cross-sell.

#1. Attract

Social media is a vast platform to promote your business. It could be a game-changer if you acted strategically. As your customers might come across multiple social media posts, you should have a unique strategy to attract the first.

Your content, infographics, videos, etc., should be compelling enough to get the customers’ attention. In this phase, you can perform better if you have executed target audience analysis. It will help to publish content that resonates with their interests.

#2. Engage

In the next stage, you should emphasize engaging the attracted audience. When possible, gamification or live sessions are great ways to engage with the audience.

You can serve more knowledge about how your products/services are beneficial to them and why they should connect with your brand. More importantly, allow them to know the values and experience they will get through by associating with your business.

#3. Convert

Once you have established a strong engagement with the audience, they are now ready to become your actual customers. Here, make sure you offer them an exceptional customer experience of purchase. From assisting them to selecting the right product to guide them to using products, provide proactive support. This will help in establishing a strong relationship with the customers.

#4. Connect

Now, you should focus on connecting with the buyers. A simple way is to send them a survey and get their feedback. This approach will help to understand your customers better and offer them personalized services.

Moreover, if you provide them post-sales services, they will happily bring referrals through word-of-mouth marketing. Social media channels can offer a wide opportunity to connect with more customers.

#5. Followup

Then, follow up with the customers and ask their experience about the products/services they bought. This will help in understanding whether your business offerings are actually helping your potential customers.

Plus, following up with the customers will increase customer satisfaction as they feel you are about them. And, this approach will reduce customer churn and allow you to foster brand loyal customers.

#6. Cross-sell

After follow up, you must have understood the satisfaction or the usefulness of the product/service for the customers. So, you should get this opportunity to increase cross-sell, upsell to increase profitability.

Overall, your target audience is experiencing various types of interaction on social media networks. If they find something special on your business profile, then only they will stay connected with you.

Hence, it is mandatory to offer them a unique experience through each social media marketing effort you apply. Tweaking the conventional marketing funnel will surely bestow you the fruitful results to level up your business growth.

Not sure how to take customized actions for the social media marketing funnel?

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