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Technical SEO Trends to Watch in 2021

A well-performed technical SEO is a real game-changer to enhance the visibility and ranking of your website.

Search engines are becoming smarter day by day. Long gone are the days when only certain elements were sufficient to empower technical SEO. Currently, SEO, User-experience, and Content are closely connected. You could not perform better by skipping any of the elements. The synergy of all components is a must to achieve better outcomes in 2021.

Want to explore the technical SEO trends in 2021?

Read on, and you will get to know the trends that boost your SEO performance in 2021.

Here we are uncovering the top technical SEO tips that you must practice in 2021.

#1. Bound to basic SEO practices

When you want to improve technical SEO for a website, you must complete the fundamentals first. For instance, you need to use the correct URL structure before you optimize robot.txt files. Likewise, use HTTPS, have faster site loading speed, identify duplicate metadata, and so on. This will help you to find and fix basic elements before jumping into technical SEO.

#2. Use structured data and schema strategically

If you want to let the search engines and users understand your website, structure data and schema are crucial. They ensure that crawlers can read, index, and serve the content of their sites to users. Use both these elements strategically to organize your website and present a systematic overview — it allows searchers and search engines to comprehend your site.

More specifically, structured data changes the way your snippet displays. As it shows more important information about a business, the likelihood of getting higher CTR increases. This eventually helps businesses to expand growth and sustain profitability.

#3. Emphasis mobile-first approach 

Currently, the website is ranked based on its mobile version instead of its desktop version. Search engines like Google have been checking each website to find whether the site is mobile-ready. A mobile-friendly website has higher chances of getting ranked; hence make sure to optimize a site for mobile devices by using appropriate layout, content structure, typography, and many other things.

#4. AI will rule searches

Google made a significant impact by using AI to interpret queries and search results through BERT update. It has proven effective in recognizing the exact intent of a query. It can determine lexical uncertainty, correct misspellings, find synonyms, and so on. Hence, it is a must to adopt the practice of writing for users rather than search engines. A well-researched, useful content has a better chance to get ranked.

#5. Focus on credible backlinks

As search engines have become smarter, SEO practices have been transformed. Initially, bulk link building was in demand; however, it has been changed to credible backlinks. Getting a link from low DA (Domain AUthority) will not make a difference in the site’s performance. Rather, you should focus on getting a backlink from a credible source. Moreover, you should also create Google My Business profile to get your business listed on google and get a link to the site’s homepage.

#6. Leverage the automation

Technical SEO is ever-evolving. The things that are working today might change tomorrow. Innovative ideas and tricks change the way of doing things for SEO. Hence, where possible, use automation to reduce workloads. For instance, you can use tools to determine faults on a website by performing an SEO audit. This will quickly show you the technical issue while focusing on solving the issues (rather than finding one).

#7. Take advantage of reports

Technical SEO is the foundation for all other SEO tasks. Get up-to-date reports of indexed pages, top-performing web pages, backlinks, and so on. The reports will help you to strategize your technical SEO efforts and aids in achieving better results.

Technical SEO is all about making a website SEO-friendly from a technical perspective. However, while executing technical SEO elements, you must keep your user at a focal point before search engines. So, think about implementing technical aspects that help users to navigate through your site easily.

In short, you should follow a distinguished approach to boost the technical SEO score of your website to get positive outcomes. Certainly, you will need the expertise to twist and tweak SEO outcomes to boost rankings and avoid technical issues.

Want to improve technical SEO for your website?

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