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Tips to Optimize Your Business For Yelp for Improved Search Ranking

Yelp SEO Services

Over a while, Yelp has emerged as the most reliable source for customers searching for local businesses and services. This is why, most businesses nowadays, hire SEO experts for Yelp services to improve their business listing. In this blog, we will disclose all the key details about Yelp and businesses can optimize their Yelp profile. 

Today’s customers prefer using online products and services. That’s the reason, they search for all types of products and services online and check the reviews as well so that they can easily decide on which business they want to purchase from. One of the best sites to find the best businesses around you along with the reviews about them is Yelp. Let’s know more about Yelp. 

Established in the year 2004, Yelp is a well-renowned directory used for finding out local businesses starting from restaurants, cafes, bars, clinics, electricians, plumbers, and many others. There are more than 1200 business categories available on Yelp. Some of these categories include:

  • Retailers for different types of products
  • Restaurants and food service providers
  • Bars and nightclubs
  • Entertainment venues like theaters, music venues, comedy clubs, etc. 
  • Home services such as electricians, plumbers, contractors, packers and movers, home cleaners, etc. 
  • Auto services like car wash facilities, auto servicing and repair, auto dealers, parking companies, and more. 
  • Health and fitness businesses such as tennis clubs, yoga centers, gyms, fitness centers, dancing classes, and others. 
  • Beauty services like salons, massage centers, makeup studios, etc. 
  • General services such as pet grooming services, mobile and computer repair, dry cleaning services, etc. 

The site also allows users to make comments, ratings, and post pictures regarding their experiences with the businesses or services. It has become one of the leading consumer review sites for several businesses. Due to this reason, Yelp gets high priority from the Google Search Engine results. 

How Beneficial Yelp is for today’s businesses and ways to optimize your Yelp profile?

Yelp is a very good source for businesses to enhance their brand awareness and generate new customers. Even small businesses find Yelp a useful site other than Google to find local services. Since Yelp itself is a search engine for local businesses, it has its own unique ranking factors much similar to Google. 

Being a business owner, you must do everything you can to improve your Yelp profile so that your business shows up ahead of every other business listing. You can easily optimize your Yelp profile to rank better by paying attention to these key areas:

  • About Us Page: Just like Google, Yelp also uses keywords as one of its prime ranking factors. In the about us section, you can use various keywords that help your business to show what you want to be known for. In the specialties area, you can list all your business service specialties. In the history and business owner area, you can explain more about your company and its products/services while focusing on the right keywords and phrases. However, avoid doing keyword stuffing. 
  • Upload photos: It is important to note that Yelp takes into account the dwell time when ranking your Yelp listing. Dwell time is simply the duration of how long a user stays within a given business page. One of the best ways to increase the dwell time is by adding various quality, informative, and interesting photos. Pictures have the power to attract users’ attention and keep them engaged for a longer duration. However, make sure to upload only the relevant pictures along with the description that has some real value for your business. You can even encourage your customers to upload photos related to your products as Yelp gives higher priority to user-generated content. 
  • Business information: Make sure you provide your business information correctly. The information you provide like your address, business category, business hours, and others, play an important role when it’s about searching inside Yelp. If your business information is wrong inside of Yelp, the information inside of Apple Maps will also be wrong. This is because Apple gets all of its business information directly from Yelp. 
  • Generate user reviews: User reviews are also one of the top considerations of Yelp when listing the ranking of a business. The site uses the content of the reviews on your business page to find out the best fit for a user’s search. It will be much beneficial if people mention your specific products or services in their reviews. 
  • Provide fresh and engaging content: Yelp also considers the uniqueness of the content on a business listing more than the number or star rating of that business. Therefore, you must make sure to provide fresh and engaging content frequently. Instead of relying on older customer reviews, it is important to get a new one every few days. This helps in keeping reviews and ratings relevant. Apart from fresh reviews, Yelp also considers fresh photo uploads, check-ins, special offers/deals, questions/answers, and others to determine a page’s freshness. 

Steps to add a business on Yelp

So, if you want to add your business on Yelp to increase your brand awareness and attract new customers, then you must follow these steps inside the Yelp App:

  1. Tap the ‘More’ icon on the bottom right
  2. Select ‘Add Business’
  3. Select ‘I work at a business’
  4. Fill in all the essential information about the business such as company name, address, phone number, business category, opening/closing hour, and website address.
  5. Select ‘Add business’.

After performing all these steps, you will be asked to confirm the email address that you have provided, to complete your business submission. Each submission may take up to 2 days for manual approval. 


Businesses must leverage the benefits of Yelp listing not only to improve their brand awareness but also to enhance their ranking in the search engine. The best way to optimize your listing is by hiring professional Yelp SEO Services. PeddleWeb is one of the most reliable sources to get the best SEO optimization for Yelp services. This leading internet advertising agency has assisted several clients to achieve result-oriented outcomes by offering them the best digital marketing solutions. Request a call back now to discuss your key requirements.

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