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Top 9 WooCommerce SEO Strategies and Google Integration Update

WooCommerce SEO

WooCommerce is an open-source and customizable e-commerce platform built on WordPress. As per a BuiltWith report in January 2021, more than 3.87 million websites use the e-commerce platform, of which 68,000 are among the top million websites in the world. As per Statista is the second-largest e-commerce software platform in 2021, with a market share of 23.43 percent.

The plugin is enabling many e-commerce players to integrate fully customizable e-commerce functionality to their websites. That’s why it has more than 123 million downloads and 4.4 million merchants. Several businesses are using WooCommerce SEO services to optimize their sites and rank well on the platform. In this blog post, we discuss the strategies for WooCommerce SEO and the Google integration update.

Effective strategies for WooCommerce SEO

WooCommerce SEO services are all about tweaking conventional e-commerce SEO strategies to comply with the platform’s abilities. Here are the nine ways to set up WooCommerce SEO:

  1. Use SEO-friendly plugins

Plugins are software components or extensions that increase the capabilities of a WordPress website or enhance its on-page SEO. As your site is on WordPress, you can use SEO plugins such as SEOPressor, All in One SEO Pack, and Yoast SEO. Installing the SEO-friendly plugins will enable you to optimize the eCommerce site.

  1. Update your product titles and descriptions

Optimize your products’ metadata to ensure that the description and title in search results are compelling, relevant, and interesting to your target audience. Arrange various components of the page to enhance the products’ online visibility in search engines. Key sections of the product page are product SEO title, SEO meta description, product URL, product category, and tags.

  1. Optimize product pages

Optimize product pages on WooCommerce by infusing the right keywords, including image alt text, and customizing the URL slug. Image alt text is a readable description of the website’s images. While uploading a product’s image, ensure that you have set an alt attribute and a title.

  1. Enhance site speed

A website’s loading time plays a key role in determining its traffic and bounce rate. It also is one of several ranking factors. Three seconds is regarded as the best speed for websites. Make sure that you keep your website speed in that range. You can use some tools to improve the site’s loading speed.

  1. Select SEO-friendly themes

Good themes can increase your business’s ranking and enhance site speed. It enables you to decide the store’s layout, appearance, as well as several functionalities. When selecting a theme for an e-commerce store, consider taking the help of professional WooCommerce SEO services.

  1. Use a simple site navigation

Use a simple and clear navigation system to enable customers to navigate your e-commerce website and find out the products they are looking for. A confusing and complex navigation system can increase the bounce rate.

  1. Use schema

Schema is a snippet or a short description that appears in search results to provide users with more clear information. Using schema will increase your ranking, enhance click-through rates, enable search engines to know more about your store, and increase its findability.

  1. Use Canonical links and Google Search Console

Use canonical links to eliminate duplicate content issues and use Google Search Console to optimize the site’s visibility. WooCommerce platform enables you to modify canonical links.

  1. Apply WooCommerce Google Analytical Integration

WooCommerce Google Analytics integration lets you keep an eye on sales, recommendations, and other performance metrics. It also helps you or your WooCommerce SEO services provider to refine your e-commerce SEO strategy.

What Is Google Integration for WooCommerce?

In June 2021, Google launched a new integration with WooCommerce. Under it, the latter’s 4.4 million merchants can list their products for free of cost in the former’s search and shopping sections.

Here are some key updates on how the integration will help thousands of merchants all over the globe.

Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center enables e-commerce businesses and merchants to manage how their online and in-store product inventory appears on the search engine. Here, WooCommerce’s merchants can upload their product information added to Google Shopping search results. They can also review key performance indicators and create free ad campaigns and listings. The merchant center also integrates other services such as Google Analytics, AdWords, and Google My Business.

The integration update does not need merchants to perform tasks using the old WooCommerce plugin or the Merchant Center dashboard. Instead, they or their WooCommerce SEO services provider can upload product and store listings on their WooCommerce account, and the changes will reflect on the Merchant Center.

Smart Shopping Campaigns

Smart Shopping campaigns enable merchants to optimize for e-commerce website’s ad campaigns. It can pull product data automatically from a feed and use it to create customized shopping ads for its customers.

It is the enhanced version of pay-per-click marketing and search engine marketing. It is designed to increase traffics and conversions by targeting prospective customers.

Benefits of the latest Google integration service

The benefits you can get from the update are:

  • Connect your store with potential customers and the Merchant Center
  • Create product listings with just a few clicks
  • Enhance your reach on Google-based platforms
  • Use Google’s artificial intelligence technology to monitor and track WooCommerce analytics
  • Improve engagements and ad impressions by deploying campaigns

By and large,

If you are an e-commerce business owner or considering creating an e-commerce website, WooCommerce is an extremely customizable and affordable platform. The plugin enables you to operate your online store effortlessly and do SEO activities for better rankings and visibility. You also can take the help of professional WooCommerce SEO services for the best results. At PeddleWeb, we provide reliable SEO and digital marketing services to several e-commerce businesses. Get in touch with our team to help you with customized end-to-end marketing services.

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