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Top Tips To Improve Your Instagram Presence

Instagram is one of the lucrative social media platforms to level up business growth. If you take strategic actions, you can increase engagement on the social platform. But, businesses need to look further into their performance data and track comments, saves, shares, Instagram Stories views, and even DMs to learn how they are performing. Collaborating with the Instagram marketing agency could help you improve outcomes on the strategies you are building to boost your online presence.

But, of course, you can follow certain tips and tricks and boost Instagram performance for your business.

Want to boost Instagram presence?

You have landed at the right spot. We are uncovering the top tips to build and strengthen brand presence on Instagram and boost user engagement.

Let’s explore the tips together.

Find the Best Time to Post

If you post content on Instagram incorrectly, you may not receive user engagement or any positive outcomes. There are plenty of ways to increase Instagram engagement; posting when your audience is most active is essential.

Instagram’s algorithm prefers posts that produce a lot of engagement in a short period and will frequently move that post to the top of your followers’ feeds. Hence, to encourage this, spend some time monitoring and tracking your Instagram analytics to find the best time to post to maximize audience engagement.

Initiate Conversations with Instagram Stories Stickers

With more than 500 million Instagram accounts use Instagram Stories each day. Instagram Stories stickers are an excellent way to encourage your followers to share their opinions and experiences with you. Such conversation will strengthen your relationship with your potential customers. More specifically, you can increase Instagram engagement with different stickers such as question stickers, quiz stickers, and countdown stickers.

Write Detailed Captions

An Instagram caption can be up to 2,200 characters long, so take advantage of this feature and create more extended captions to share stories with your audience.

It doesn’t mean that you write hundreds of words every day on Instagram. However, even writing a complete sentence rather than just a few emojis could help you improve Instagram engagement.

Build Saveable Content for Your Feed

Instagram comments, shares, and saves are the best ways to improve your engagement. Create more content that encourages your users to click the save button. With this, the audience can revisit the content at a later time.

Using carousel posts, for instance, can lead to more saves, as the audience can refer back to the post. So, when you opt for savable content, be sure to offer something of value that resonates with your audience.

Open Up About Your Brand

The power of authenticity on Instagram is enormous. Many brands and businesses are sharing honest and vulnerable sides, which establishes trust amongst the audience. Businesses are launching their feed, IGTV, and Instagram Reels to share more about their mission, their struggles, increasing engagement with the target audience. A high level of realism can go a long way in forming a stronger connection with potential customers.

When you can showcase the good with the bad, struggles, and wins, your brand will be more relatable to your audience.

Choose Hashtags Wisely

If you want to boost your Instagram presence and engagement, understanding which hashtags drive more users to your posts is crucial. Filter your Hashtag Analytics by different metrics, incorporating likes, comments, reach, impressions, and saves. This is a great feature to power up your content strategy. The stronger your hashtags are, the more impressions and eyes on your content you can receive.

Generate Shareable Content

Sharing feed posts to Instagram Stories or Direct Messages is a helpful feature that allows you to connect with more users. So, create content that entices your audience to repost willingly. Like creating savable content, shareable content must be profoundly related to your audience’s needs and preferences. Think about creating content such as infographics, fun memes, relatable quotes, etc. Also, you can track and measure the stats related to the content and find which content is performing better.

Create More Video Content

By including more video content into your Instagram content strategy, you can easily increase engagement with potential customers. In fact, you are providing compelling opportunities to entertain the audience via videos; hence, create interesting videos. This will help in boosting user engagement and conversions possibly. But, it would be best if you were sure about creating a video that offers valuable content, tips, or tricks to make the audience intact throughout the video. When you create useful video content, shares, or word of mouth, marketing can take place, which will ultimately strengthen your online presence.

In addition, it is imperative to test and analyze your Instagram activities to get desired outcomes regularly. Only posting the content and entertaining the users will not help you to achieve your business goal. You must analyze the metrics and tweak your efforts accordingly. The analytics are crucial for better performance on Instagram. You can collaborate with experienced digital marketing agencies and create a strategic plan to boost your presence on the widely used social media platform.

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