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Use Content Marketing to Build Trust Around Your Personal Brand

Use Content Marketing to Build Trust Around Your Personal Branding

Do you know the common factor between Richard Branson, George Foreman, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, and Marie Forloe? 

Nope, this is not about the billionaires’ list. 

All of them can influence people as they are personal branding masters. 

Personal branding does not involve mere marketing products or growing a business. It can help in online reputation building and also in exploring better career opportunities. A trustworthy content marketing company can assist in building a content strategy for a personal brand.  

Content marketing for boosting your brand 

Content marketing is the most tried-tested way to boost the same. But, creating brand awareness takes time. During the initial stages, only your content can tell your audience everything that you represent. 

What are your brand’s unique qualities and core competencies? How can you create your space in the crowd? It is your content that needs to highlight all this and make you appealing to your target audience. 

Content can be in multiple forms, including blogs, social media posts, videos, and audio podcasts. 

Content strategy development and overall digital marketing require time and proficiency. It is best to let a reputed content marketing services firm manage your content. These agencies have industry experts to create content that can connect with your target audience. 

Now, let’s focus on the essential elements of content marketing:

1> Use blogging as a weapon for personal branding

The most appreciated way to establish your authority and build a community is by blogging regularly. With relevant topics, your blog can turn into a trusted resource for your industry. Blogging every week can do the trick within a few months. 

Several studies back the benefits of blogging: 

  • Roughly 81 percent of consumers in the U.S trust blogs for advice and information.
  • Small firms with a dedicated blog can expect 126 percent more business than those without a blog. 
  • Blogs are considered the fifth most trusted and preferred source for information. 
  • An estimated 96 percent of B2B clients prefer referring to blogs published by industry leaders. 
  • More than 61 percent of online shoppers in the U.S make purchases on blog recommendations. 

2> Content with sneak-peek into your personal and professional life 

A peek into your professional and family life can be okay. Take a page out of Mark Cuban’s Instagram profile. The Shark Tank fame billionaire entrepreneur knows how to keep Instagram followers engaged. He shares a bit of his real self without sharing everything. 

3> Quora content 

Besides Google, your prospective clients would probably use platforms like Quora for answers. They may prefer help from experts while looking for a resolution. Why let such networking opportunities go?

Assisting individuals can help you showcase your skills. Such goodwill gestures can play a crucial role in forming new connections. It is an essential part of the content marketing exercise to help build your personal brand. 

There’s more!

 While focusing on content, it is equally important to steer clear of common glitches. The following ones can stall your efforts: 

  • Failing to consider the audience’s needs and issues 

Don’t lose the power to connect with the audience. If your blog is about cutting-edge technology, don’t think of becoming a food critic one fine morning.

Even big brands end up with such disasters. The list of biggest brand blunders won’t be complete without Disney’s Hannah Montana Red Cherries.

The brand wanted to encash Miley Cyrus’s popularity among teens. But, Disney ended up introducing the wrong merchandise. They failed to study the needs of target audiences. You don’t wish to get your brand on this list, do you? 

  • Don’t fake it

 “The most exhausting thing in life is acting inauthentically.”- Anne Morrow Lindbergh, renowned aviator, and author. And this is precisely what you need to avoid while shaping your brand. Be who you are!

Take Oprah Winfrey, for instance! Just being herself in her chat shows has helped her in building a super brand out of herself. Even Meghan and Harry preferred Winfrey over others to discuss their royal struggles. 

She reflects authenticity; thus, people from around the world can connect with her. The Oprah Winfrey brand is several times bigger than the entertainment networks that she works with. 

Getting back to the topic, away from stardom…..

Buyers opt for a specific product or service because they believe in the brand. Shoppers also make purchases from brands or businesses due to values associated with the same. They can easily sense it if you fake something. Thus, do something that you are really passionate about. Your blog, videos, and podcasts should relate to your values and personality. 

  • Don’t compromise on content quality 

Your audience will lose trust if you publish boring, short, irrelevant posts on all various platforms. If done poorly, content marketing can backfire.

Google passage ranking update has proved how the search engine crawlers can analyze each paragraph in long-form content. So, there is no shortcut to delivering content that’s relevant and useful to visitors. 

Publish content just once a week, but it should have sharing value. 

Here are core components that should be considered while charting a content strategy:

  • Create brand guidelines for yourself—set guidelines for language, tone, voice, and personality. 
  • Marketing professionals will help you set goals and (KPIs) key performance indicators for your campaign.
  • Create a document containing details for personas you wish to reach and influence with content. The list can include demographics like location, income group, gender, age, job title, etc.
  • Create a list of content domains that you plan to cover.
  • Create a content calendar for your in-house or outsourcing partner. Add or remove topics as per current affairs. 
  • Lastly, note down the available budget for required resources to avoid last-minute issues. 


Personal branding has become crucial for individuals looking for business growth. It can also help in reaching the next career level or getting a dream job. Wish to build a personal brand with content marketing? Why wait? Get in touch with PeddleWeb’s team of brand consultants today. Our clients appreciate us for excellent results.

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