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UX for SEO: What You Should Know

UX for SEO

User experience is the key to improve SEO score. 

Meeting the criteria and getting a higher ranking has become obsolete now. In the past, following SEO tactics was enough to get a high ranking. The digital marketers are meeting the criteria defined by the search engines to exceed the rankings.

However, the scenario has been changed completely. The search engines Google are practicing the ‘Users First’ approach. If your website has user friendly content for SEO practices, then only you can beat the ranking competition.

Hence it has become imperative to keep the user at the focal point while executive SEO activities. The more useful SEO practices are for users, the more opportunities you can have for a higher score.

Currently, SEO and User experience have become interrelated components. You cannot overlook UX while performing a few activities; otherwise, it costs you negative results. Want to know why User experience is vital for SEO?

Go through this block to discover the top reasons why User experience is a must to boost SEO score these days.

#1. Higher ranking 

The foremost reason for having exceptional UX on your site is to have higher ranking results. The more user-friendly a site you have, the more chances it has to display in top results.

When you have opted for the right keywords, used all SEO elements, but still the site is not ranking; it usually is because of usability.

Once you optimize the entire website while focusing on users’ perspectives, you can surely get closer to rank higher in the SERPs.

#2. Improve user engagement 

A website with a compelling user experience offers more opportunities to engage potential users. When the site visitors’ find the information easily, it improves their experience on the site; they will engage more on the site.

Hence, it is mandatory to watch for the elements like site structure, presentation of the content, fonts, etc. Such practices enable users to sleekly surf through your site (by spending more time on the website).

#3. Boost organic traffic

When you strategically implement UX elements on your site, you can surely enhance user engagement and top rankings. And it will aid in getting organic traffic instantly.

When users actively engage on a site, the search engine considers the source (site) credible. Thus it improves the chances of ranking in top positions in the SERPs, boosting chances of organic traffic to the site.

When you offer a captivating user experience, you are not only improving SEO score but also;

  • Reduce bounce rate
  • Improve page per session ratio
  • Boost organic CTR (Click-Through-Rate)
  • Increase average session


Practices for better User experience for SEO 
  • User-friendly website structure 

Website structure, content organization, and content layout in a user-friendly way improve UX and SEO score. Structure a site’s layout in such a way that it allows to find the information and perform the intended task easily. 

  • Intuitive navigation

When you focus only on SEO and rankings for a website, you may end up with complex navigation and architecture. This can contribute to a troublesome experience for the users.

Hence, think about implementing simple navigation to promote accessibility for the users while they surf on your site. This helps the user to complete their intended task quickly and improves their experience.

  • Fast loading web pages 

In the fast-paced world, users seem to be impatient. If your website is not able to load quickly, the users will turn away. So, be sure that the entire website has a faster loading time (no more than 3 seconds). 

  • Mobile-friendly website 

When you want to improve the SEO score and provide exceptional UX, the mobile responsive factor becomes crucial. As the number of users on mobile devices is increased, you must design your website responsive for all mobile devices to deliver a better user experience. 

  • Easy to understand the content 

Content is a big game-changer in SEO. With high-quality, engaging content, you can easily win over customers. But, when you blend UX and SEO, make sure that content is easy to read; write smaller sentences, use actionable words, and use appropriate typography.

  • Use distinct heading 

Heading will guide search engines and users to navigate through the stuff they are looking for. It provides a clear understanding of a certain topic/section on your site. Thus, when possible, use headings as much as possible. 

  • Place images/videos where possible 

This is another engaging way to increase user engagement. Attractive images and videos can also be optimized for SEO for higher rankings. 

  • Place CTA at the catchy spot 

Most of the time, websites use the CTAs but not at the right spot. When you want your users to take action, you must highlight and place the CTAs in a catchy spot.

As SEO and UX are crucial elements to rank your website higher, you must use strategic actions. You can connect with the top SEO services provider that can take care of the usability aspects of your site along with improving your SEO score.

Want to boost SEO score along with UX?

Connect with PeddleWeb. We offer SEO services that reinforce better outcomes. We understand the importance of user experience in the current trend. Our experienced team will guide you through improving the UX of a website to boosting SEO rankings. Let’s collaborate to make your website visible in a higher ranking in the search engines. Contact us now!

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