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7 CRO Test Ideas for High Conversions

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is an extremely crucial process in a business’s digital marketing strategies. It is the practice of optimizing a website or a landing page to enhance the conversion rate. Many businesses are taking the help of professional digital marketing services providers to enhance their CRO.

At PeddleWeb, one of the fastest-growing digital marketing companies in India, we know how CRO can drive more sales for websites and improve user experience. In this blog post, we detail seven CRO test ideas that can help website owners to achieve high conversions.

  1. Headline 

When visitors are going to land on the website, the headline is the first thing they are going to see. Ensure that the title is attention-grabbing and compelling enough for them to look at the rest of the text. If it isn’t, try different words and see how much difference it makes. Trying different headlines will provide you with a lot of choices and help in selecting the right one.

Also, look at the headline length. The perfect length of a headline is between five to ten words. An excellent way to craft a compelling headline is to add numbers. For instance, take a look at the headline of this blog post. We have used a number in it.

  1. Content

After the headline, content is the crucial part of the conversion strategy. After all, it is the content that tells visitors what the website is about and helps them make an informed decision. While creating content for a web page, it is crucial to test different aspects of it. Some of the different aspects of content are:

  • Typeface and font size
  • Spacing between elements and paragraphs
  • Attention cues
  • Paragraph length 

Taking the help of professional digital marketing services can help in crafting short, crisp, and extremely effective headlines and content that can enhance conversions.

  1. CTAs

The next CRO test is to test the website’s call to action (CTAs). These are extremely crucial to a website as they persuade visitors to take a specific action. In this, test the following things:

  • Text: Try different fonts and colors of the text. Also, make sure that the text is short and crisp.
  • Button: Change the colors of the CTA buttons and see what works. Change the size of the buttons. Make them a little bigger and select the right size. Also, try a nonconventional-shaped CTA button. Create something different from the regular oval or square-shaped button and see if they garner more response and engagement. 
  • Page locations and the number of CTAs: Apart from testing the text and buttons, test the page location and the optimal number of CTAs in a particular web page. Also, make sure to use more enticing and actionable words.
  1. Social proofs

Social proofs add credibility to your website and make visitors feel more comfortable doing business with you. Social proofs hugely impact conversions. Another CRO test idea is to test different social proofs across various parts of the website. Some of the most common social proofs are:

  • Testimonials
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Case studies
  • Awards and certifications
  • Secure checkout icon
  • Real-time pop-ups that highlight purchases
  • Products shipped or sold
  • Customers purchased 
  1. Navigation menu

One more excellent test for CRO is to improve the navigation menus and make them much more compelling for the visitors. Effective navigation menus can serve as funnels to the most crucial web pages. The navigation menu should enable visitors to navigate through the website easily. It is extremely crucial to align navigation design with visitors’ objectives and for this testing of the navigation menu is extremely crucial.

In this case, the A/B testing is done on the different elements in the navigation menu. This helps in analyzing how visitors move within a website and visit a certain web page or perform a particular task. The test results will help in polishing important user flows and enhancing the site’s information architecture.

  1. Security seals and business accreditations

Add security texts such as “100 percent safe and secure” and security seals such as McAfee or Verisign on the web pages. This will minimize the security concerns of the visitors and will give them the confidence to do business with you without any worries. 

Apart from the security seals and text, add some business accreditation seals in the footer of the site to build trust. Adding seals of Better Business Bureau (BBB) and logos of associations that your business is a member of is an excellent way of winning the trust of visitors.

  1. Conduct online tests

Last but not the least, online tests are an excellent test for CRO as they can provide feedback from real visitors. In this experiment, website owners will approach website visitors in real-time and ask them to provide feedback on various aspects of the website. After getting the response, they will review it and find out issues in the different parts of the website. This will provide actual information on the reasons that are impacting conversions and how to solve the issues.

In a nutshell,

CRO is extremely important for businesses to boost their sales and revenues. At PeddleWeb, we have a team of CRO specialists who have helped many businesses improve their conversion rates. If you are looking to enhance your website’s conversion rate, give us a call to speak with one of our CRO experts and know how the team can help.

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