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At PeddleWeb, we strictly follow the industry standards while offering you the app marketing services. Our team will collaborate with you to understand your requirements, and execute a campaign to achieve the determined goals. Have a look at our distinct mobile app marketing solutions.

Create Campaign
Creating a campaign to increase the visibility and user acquisition of your mobile app
Ad Assets
Adding multiple ad assets like images, videos, text, etc. for the advertisements in the application
App Text Ideas
Increasing CTR (Click-Through-Rates) by creating attractive and catchy text to highlight key details of an application
Location Targeting
Optimizing location-based targeting to get maximum exposure of your mobile application for a specific geographic location
Device Targeting
Optimizing devices based user targeting to acquire maximum organic app installation and user engagement
Retrieving various reports to analyze the tactics of app downloads to improve and sustain the performance of a mobile app

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As an internet advertising agency, we have assisted our clients to achieve result oriented outcomes. From a reputed brand to small business, we have helped many businesses to retain more customers with digital marketing solutions. Glance through the work we have done so far and get better insights on how we deliver robust internet marketing solutions.

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At Peddle Web, our mobile app marketing services are focused towards delivering you the maximum exposure of your app in the app stores. From selecting the right platform to running a successful campaign we aim to get maximum organic searches for your app along with increased user acquisitions.

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We follow the robust mobile app marketing process to make your app easily discoverable in the app store. Our unique process is designed to attract potential users to download your app and interact with your business. We will work proactively with you to deliver you the most favorable results.

Select Mobile App’s Platform Based on your app, we will select the platform for your mobile application (Play Store or iTunes) to run the campaign. We will also customize some processes depending on the app’s platform to derive productive results.
Adjusting Bidding As per your budget plan, we will adjust the bidding for your mobile application in order to get maximum app installs. The app marketing team will customized bidding to display your mobile application to the right audience to increase download rates and user interactions.
Budgets and Dates Depending on your requirements we will set budgets and dates for the mobile app campaign to succeed determined results in a stipulated time frame. Our team will work strategically to increase app install rates, user equations, and interaction while running the campaign for a specific duration.
Create Ads
Creating a high-quality ad that covers key details to promote your business among the potential viewers. We will optimize the keywords, title, text, and content that accommodates organic searches for your mobile app in the app stores.
Tracking Performances At last, in the mobile app marketing process, we will interpret the performance and achieved results (downloads, user acquisition and engagement, etc). With this practice, we will identify the factors that generate rewarding outcomes for a mobile application.


2019-11-26-thegem-testimonial (1)
Steve Vibhute
Founder and Director

PeddleWeb team is doing an excellent job and we are very happy with their services and knowledge on Digital marketing.

Mr.-Diwaker-Bharadhwaj-thegem-testimonial (1)
Diwaker Bharadwaj
Polycab India Limited
President (Marketing Communications & Packaging Development)

We wouldn’t have a better supplier then ecosmob for development, Understanding requirements and project delivery is marvelous. The very Young team who gives you the desired output. If you are looking for digital media solutions then ecosmob is a better solution provider.

2019-12-04-thegem-testimonial (1)
Kartik Khambhati
Co-Founder & Chief Business Development Officer

Peddle-Web TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) seems an integral part of HoduSoft. They are honest, passionate and dedicated to the deliverables no matter what. They accomplish our goals. Good work!

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