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At PeddleWeb, we initiate promoting your business by reaching the target audience on one of the widely spread communication platforms – Whatsapp by understanding your business. Based on your business requirements, we customize Whatsapp marketing services to get maximum benefits of the communication via Whatsapp and deliver you the optimal results.

Business Hours Optimization
Optimising business hours on Whatsapp so that customers can communicate during the working hours and get prompt services.
Broadcast/Group Management
Managing the members’ community by forming a group/broadcast on Whatsapp for easy and bulk connection.
Status Optimization
Optimizing Whatsapp status to promote products, services, or offers and encourage customer participation
Auto Reply
Responding actively to the customers by efficiently using an auto-reply feature of the app
Whatsapp Backup
Performing a regular Whatsapp backup to save important data, and utilise it when needed
Advanced Reports
Generating advanced reports to measure progression achieved through Whatsapp

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As an internet advertising agency, we have assisted our clients to achieve result-oriented outcomes. From a reputed brand to small business, we have helped many businesses to retain more customers with digital marketing solutions. Glance through the work we have done so far and get better insights on how we deliver robust internet marketing solutions.

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Why Choose Us as a Whatsapp Marketing Company?

At PeddleWeb, we are envisioned to strategically promote your business offerings through Whatsapp. Our Whatsapp marketing solutions are designed to deliver you the ultimate results that will boost your business growth. The Whatsapp marketing team will collaborate with you proactively to enhance customer reach by publicising your business on the widely used communication platform.

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We practice an indispensable Whatsapp marketing process to improve brand recognition among the targeted customers. From generating infographics to effectively communicating with the customers, our team will proactively follow the distinct process to promote your business growth. We aim to increase customer reach and actively engage them to stay updated with your business offerings.

Whatsapp Business Account Setup Setting up your business account on Whatsapp, and optimizing the key details to allow the audience to understand the nature of your business, products, services, etc.
Whatsapp Multimedia Content Creation Creating engaging multimedia content to advertise your business offerings and make customers aware of the same. With the creative content along with promoting a product or service, we aim to boost interaction with the audience.
Whatsapp Multimedia Content Promotion Once our Whatsapp marketing team has created the content, they will promote it among the right audience at the right time to obtain maximum exposure for the same.
Whatsapp Account Monitoring Systematically monitoring your Whatsapp account and checking progress. As per the fetched result, we may tweak Whatsapp marketing efforts to deliver you the best results.
Whatsapp Real-Time Performance tracking Tracking real-time performance of all the activities performed on Whatsapp to run an effective campaign, and obtain the intended outcomes efficiently.


2019-11-26-thegem-testimonial (1)
Steve Vibhute
Founder and Director

PeddleWeb team is doing an excellent job and we are very happy with their services and knowledge on Digital marketing.

Mr.-Diwaker-Bharadhwaj-thegem-testimonial (1)
Diwaker Bharadwaj
Polycab India Limited
President (Marketing Communications & Packaging Development)

We wouldn’t have a better supplier then ecosmob for development, Understanding requirements and project delivery is marvelous. The very Young team who gives you the desired output. If you are looking for digital media solutions then ecosmob is a better solution provider.

2019-12-04-thegem-testimonial (1)
Kartik Khambhati
Co-Founder & Chief Business Development Officer

Peddle-Web TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) seems an integral part of HoduSoft. They are honest, passionate and dedicated to the deliverables no matter what. They accomplish our goals. Good work!

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