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Here’s How e-commerce SEO Can Help Scale Your Brand

How e-commerce SEO Can Help Scale Your Brand

Brands around the world have been economically suffering since March this year. Thankfully, e-commerce platforms have come to the rescue. Online sellers not only recovered but managed to show order volume growth during and post lockdown period. Thus, businesses have realized that solely relying on brick-and-mortar stores is not feasible anymore. But, to sell online, the brand needs to be recognizable. This is where SEO comes into the picture.

  • The race for rankings also helps in ensuring a superb experience for visitors

An ideal e-commerce SEO strategy involves site architecture audit & enhancement, keyword analysis, Meta tags & content optimization, local SEO, and link building. Experts also evaluate and enhance backlinks, analyze website page load time, indexability, and crawlability.

Quality SEO strategy works in the brand’s favor as it includes practices that ensure a positive user experience (UX). For example, search engine ranking depends on mobile optimization, the website content’s value & relevance, and site security factors. All these elements are also linked to the UX. Thus, search engine users have a perception that e-commerce portals with good rankings provide a heightened user-experience to buyers.

Ultimately, UX and SEO’s aim is the same, helping consumers to complete their transactions efficiently, quickly, and pleasurably. Above all, both help in customer loyalty and retention as well. Visitors who find the e-commerce site fast, secure, clutter-free, and easy to navigate will make more purchases in the future.

  • Helps the brand reach the right place at the right time

On-page and off-page optimization procedures help in ensuring that users searching with related keywords find the website within the first two SERPs. Search engines do so only when their bot analysis finds the site trustworthy, credible enough. Better rankings result in more business because people trust websites and brands that Google elevates. Put simply; better visibility helps in establishing a positive loop.

E-retailers benefit the most from e-commerce SEO company. The campaign may take time to show results; thus, businesses need to show patience, commitment, and hard work. Proper search optimization ensures the website and brand establishes an authority that’s crucial in the long run.

  • Local SEO

Studies have highlighted buyers conduct a local search to choose products and locate nearby physical stores. Local SEO practices prove to be of great help for businesses that offer products and services to consumers in specific areas. As the name suggests, the regional search engine optimization strategy prominently promotes local content for consumers who browse using mobile devices. Businesses can benefit by ensuring their SEO teams create local landing pages, use local keywords, and keep the overall digital footprint mobile friendly.

  • Race to join the Google Local 3 Pack

Google Local 3 Pack displays details about three local businesses related to entered keywords. The column containing info appears on the top of the search result page with Google map pointing to three highlighted firms’ location.

More than 30 percent of first pages (search result pages) display the Local 3 Pack. You can expect a drastic rise in the business if your company’s details make it in the pack.

Google pulls the details about the business from Google My Business account. So, experts consider filing up the correct information in this profile as something crucial. Digital marketing experts can also opt for search engine ads to get an added advantage in case of intense competition in local SEO.

  • SEO cannot be ignored

People involved in online selling already know the significance of being on Google page one. No matter if the brand sells online or at a retail location, firms that are into apparel, autos, electronic appliances, and food items need to be on Google search page one. The click-through rate for the first page in search results is 20 percent or above. It’s 1.5 percent or lesser from page 2 onward.

From product discovery, purchase decision to engagement, and retention, online search results play a crucial role throughout the consumer lifecycle. Thus, e-commerce players cannot afford to ignore search engine rankings for products, service, and overall brand.

Studies have pointed out that roughly 65 percent of consumers who buy from brick-and-mortar stores also conduct online research before making a purchase related decision. The phenomenon is referred to as ROBO, research online, and buy offline.

Let a team of e-commerce SEO experts design a strategy for you

Several small and large online shops spend on social media paid ads, but often do not give significance to search engine rankings. Search engine optimization is low-hanging fruit and offers the best ROI than other marketing campaigns run by e-commerce portals.

Websites with a lot of products need a solid strategy. Experts advise clients to optimize pages displaying flagship products. Images should be named correctly, keywords and Meta Data needs to be related. At times, studying competitors’ SEO efforts also helps in remaining one step ahead of the competition.

Ecommerce SEO techniques help in improving the online store’s visibility for search engines. Better visibility in search results means more traffic, selling opportunities. SEO combined with content marketing, social media & email marketing, and paid advertising can help a brand create an identity and scale its business. Choose a team with relevant experience in working for e-commerce clients in different markets. If you are unhappy with an online search engine optimization campaign, you can also opt for an SEO audit to check why things do not work in your site’s favor.

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