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Looking to Revamp Your Website Design? Try These Eight Strategies in 2022

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Did you know that a website’s design shapes the first impression of an average visitor? A study shows that 94 percent of visitors observe the design of an application or a website and decide if they want to stay or leave. In a survey of 500 consumers, more than half of them believe that a website’s design is important to a business’s overall brand.

In such a scenario website design is as important as SEO and digital marketing services, if not more. At PeddleWeb, an Ahmedabad-based digital marketing company, we know the importance of design in a website. In this blog post, we discuss the website design strategies that can be useful in 2022.

  1. Well-designed UI and UX

According to a Forrester study, a high-quality user interface (UI) can increase a site’s conversion rates by 200 percent and a well-designed user experience (UX) can enhance that by up to 400 percent. A website’s UI and UX must be attractive, engaging, and simple. Website owners and digital marketers must keep abreast of the latest trends in UI and UX design. Some of the trends in 2022 are 3D-based designs, touchless interactions, voice user interface (VUI), and more. It is also important to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the existing designs. To excel in this, one must set design goals, study websites that have excellent UI and UX, practice daily, and collect feedback. One can also take help from a professional designer or a digital marketing company to create a high-quality interface.

  1. Improve page speed

Did you know that more than 50 percent of visitors leave a website if it takes more than three seconds to load? Seven out of ten customers say that website speed impacts their purchasing decisions. This speaks a lot about the importance of page load time in a website. Fortunately, the results can be extremely positive if the speed is marginally faster. A joint study by Deloitte and 55 found that reducing a website’s load time by a mere one-tenth of one second increased conversion rates by 10.1 percent for travel sites and 8.4 percent for retail sites. There are many ways to improve page speed. Compressing and optimizing images help a lot. Reducing redirects and using a content delivery network is also useful to improve the speed.

  1. Optimize for mobile devices

An Oberlo study revealed that mobile devices generated 56.75 percent of total website traffic in July 2021. When more than half of the internet users are using mobile devices to visit sites, it is crucial for every website to be mobile-friendly and have a responsive design. As per data, seven in ten web designers attribute a website’s high bounce rate to non-responsive design. A mobile-friendly and responsive site responds to browser choice, screen size, and displays the content correctly.

  1. Simplify navigation

A recent Clutch survey found that 94 percent of customers want a website that is easy to navigate. Another research found that a website’s navigation affects how its visitors browse through pages and unclear navigation costs its customers. Simple navigation plays a crucial role in enhancing traffic. With some simple ways, website owners can simplify their sites’ navigation. Steps such as keeping the navigation bar fixed, dividing the categories clearly, being descriptive with links and labels can be extremely useful.

  1. Use colors 

A University of Loyola study found that colors increased brand recognition by 80 percent. Successful brands use colors to their advantage. Some colors are known to boost website traffic and conversion rate. While designing a new site or updating an existing one, website owners and developers can refer to color theory to use the best possible colors to catch attention, evoke specific emotions, or inspire desired actions.

  1. Use white spaces effectively

White spaces are potent design tools. Adequate spaces can make any type of layout attractive and elegant. A study has shown that effective use of white space between lines and paragraphs as well as the left and right margins can increase readability and comprehension by up to 20 percent. Site visitors can easily focus on properly-spaced content. If your website or any web page does not have sufficient white space, consider reviewing the design and layout. Consider spacing the lines and paragraphs properly and leave some spaces empty to ensure your web page has a neat and clean look.

  1. Use full-page headers with prominent and strong CTAs

Full-page headers are essential for an effective website design. Many top websites are using it along with powerful call-to-action to encourage their visitors to take the desired actions. Consider using full-page headers and ensure the call to action is strong and prominent. Crafting persuasive CTAs requires exceptional writing skills and years of practice. Taking the help of a trustworthy digital marketing company can be useful.

  1. Leverage social sharing widgets

Social media platforms are proving to be treasure troves for website owners and digital marketers. With just a little bit of work and smart strategies, they can reach out to millions of target audiences and prospective customers. Social sharing buttons allow doing just that.

On the whole,

With so many websites out there on the internet, all website owners and developers must be innovative in their design. Brands with excellent web design are perceived to be a lot more trustworthy and professional than others. If you are looking for professional web design and digital marketing services, we can provide you with high-quality services. Call our team to know how we can help.

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