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Short or Long Videos? 6 Factors to Select the Perfect Length


In the age of social media and the rising popularity of video marketing, creating and uploading videos on various platforms is one of the simplest and easiest ways to reach out to the target audience and enhance brand awareness. As per the latest stats, video content on social media receives nearly 50 percent more views, and by this year, videos will account for over 80 percent of all online traffic.

Another data reveals that nearly 90 percent of marketers rely on video marketing strategies to generate more leads and enhance website traffic, sales and revenue. Many of them are taking the help of professional YouTube video marketing services to get even better results. However, when it comes to creating videos, some are confused about whether to make short-form or long-form content.

At PeddleWeb, one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies in India, we have helped all types of businesses create effective and high-performing videos as part of their video marketing strategy and helped them achieve their desired results. 

In this blog post, we discuss the seven factors that can help brands decide whether to create short-form videos or long ones. Read on to know more.

  1. Audience

The contemporary audience is gravitating more towards video content. As per a Business Insider survey, more than 60 percent of Gen Z use YouTube daily. As per another study, more than 60 percent of millennials would rather watch a company video than read a blog or newsletter. But when it comes to the video length, different people have different preferences.

Before creating a concept and deciding the video’s length, first determine who your target audience is and what they want. If the majority of your target viewers are busy people or people who are mostly on the move, then creating short-form videos will be more prudent than creating longer ones. The same goes for viewers who would like to view interesting videos that entertain them within a short time. 

On the other hand, if the target audience consists of people who are looking to learn something new and watch videos to upskill themselves or develop their knowledge base then creating longer videos will be better.

Another determining factor is your previous videos. If you have made videos earlier, find out the best-performing ones and look at their lengths. If the shorter videos perform better than the longer ones, then choose the former and vice versa.

  1. Purpose of the video

Have a clear purpose of what you want the video to achieve. That will help you in determining the length of the video. We all know that it takes much less time to entertain people than it takes to inform or educate them. If your goal is to entertain the target audience within a short period then creating a short video will make more sense. Collaborating with an influencer (or a few influencers) who can entertain the target audience and entice them to visit your website can serve the purpose.

If the objective is to educate or tell a story, then making long videos will be useful. A subject matter expert or a top-level executive in your business can help the video and take the viewers through the journey. Apart from the length, having a clear purpose enables you to select the style, budget, marketing channel, and many more aspects.

  1. Content of the video

The content of the video affects its length. Short-form videos are usually less than 10-minute in length, long-form videos are more than 10 minutes long. The former is more predominantly seen on social networks, while the latter is available more on the company’s website and YouTube. A tutorial video is more likely to be longer than a cute pet video.

Videos that are more suitable for the longer format include:

  • Documentaries
  • Tutorials and how-to-videos
  • Videos that have massive data and insights
  • Events

Videos that are more suitable for the shorter format include:

  • Product demonstrations
  • Customer testimonials
  • Culture videos
  1. Budget

The budget is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to selecting the length of the video. Shooting a sixty seconds clip is usually less expensive than shooting and editing a sixty-minute video. The longer the video, the higher will be the production cost and the more money it will require to shoot. The more money you can afford to spend, the longer you can shoot. Apart from the cost of the shoot and video clips, the cost will involve the payment to the cast and the crew, the cost for the equipment, editing costs, and everything in between. While working out the budget, find out the costs that are crucial to the video creation and what aren’t. Some investments, however, pay higher dividends such as professional YouTube marketing services. Don’t hesitate to invest in the right areas.

  1. Marketing channels

Some social network websites set maximum limits on the length of the videos. YouTube allows non-verified accounts to upload videos up to 15 minutes and verified accounts to upload videos that are up to 12 hours or 128 GB long. Facebook permits videos up to 240 minutes. Instagram videos can be three-second to 10-minute long. The photo-sharing app allows selected accounts to upload a maximum of 60 minutes. LinkedIn videos allow users to upload videos for up to 10 minutes. Tiktok has a limit to upload three minutes. Twitter allows videos that are less than two minutes.

  1. Context

Apart from the content i.e. the type of video, the context also plays a huge role in determining its length. Determine how familiar the audience is with the video. 

If the subject is complex and new to the target audience, then longer videos will provide clarity and help them understand it better. If the target audience is familiar with the subject, then shorter videos would serve the purpose.

By and large,

When planning to create a video, it is extremely crucial to determine its length. It will not only help a business create the most effective video but also save a lot of time and costs during production. There is no need to create a 15-minute video if a 30-second short will serve the purpose. Many factors can help in deciding the length of the video. 

At PeddleWeb, we have helped many of our clients create effective and high-quality videos and we are onward and upward in their journey. Our YouTube marketing services have helped many to drive traffic and enhance sales. If you are looking to leverage video marketing, then feel free to discuss it with us.

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