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Smart Tips to Organically Increase YouTube Subscribers

YouTube is inarguably the biggest video-sharing platform, and it is part of Google. If you enjoy good rankings on YouTube, it will naturally reflect your overall search rankings and visibility. If you search Google, you will note that these days Google displays video content at the top of results, which says a lot about the importance of YouTube and videos. About 1 billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube every day. The more subscribers you have on this video channel, the higher your reach. You can increase subscribers organically through these smart YouTube channel optimization tips. 

Create a complete profile

You want more visibility in searches and increased rankings through YouTube videos. One YouTube channel optimization to do right at the start is to create a full profile in which you give details about yourself or your brand and place keywords in the content. Do not forget to include contact information. 

Be selective about videos on YouTube

Numbers do not add up. If you think flooding YouTube with many videos will do the trick and get you more subscribers, then you are off course. With so many videos competing for attention in each category, what viewers want is quality. Therefore, weed out videos and create and post only videos worth watching and use to viewers as part of YouTube channel optimization activity. 

Create your identity on YouTube

Your YouTube channel optimization activity aimed at garnering more subscribers should focus on creating your identity in the form of an icon and thumbnails with identifiers through image and text and a unique banner. YouTube also permits you to add a watermark at the bottom right of each video through its branding option in the customization menu. Do not forget to do this. People will recall the visual and, if videos are memorable, they will subscribe to your channel. Give it a unique name, by the way, and then choose customization from the menu to create your channel URL. However, this can be done only when you have 100 subscribers. 

One thing that viewers like is a playlist. It also helps you to encourage viewers to watch the next video in the sequence. Set this through the playlist tab in your channel. Go a step further and use the layout tab to add sections to your channel homepage, each section featuring content on specific topics. You can use playlists to target specific viewers based on their preferences. 

You must do without fail to research keywords so you can find information on what users are looking for and use these for video titles for your channel name and description. Another thing to do is to get your account Google verified.  

Do not hesitate to ask viewers to subscribe

Viewers will watch and leave. However, you can get them to subscribe by asking viewers, preferably at the end of the video, to click on the subscribe button. Appreciative viewers will do this and increase your subscriber base. To become a YouTube partner, you need at least 1000 partners, and for you to get higher benefits, you need 100000 subscribers, so do not hesitate to ask. Even if it is branding and ranking, YouTube algorithms factor in the number of subscribers and other metrics like video quality, keywords, watch time, user experience, and thumbnails. You can ask viewers to subscribe during the intro but make sure you repeat it at the end. Further, use the clickable subscription tool to add a still image at the end of the video to request viewers to subscribe. 


It does not end with requesting viewers to subscribe. Your YouTube channel optimization activity extends to interaction with the audience. Keep close track of comments users post and respond. Sometimes, other creators give their links, in which case you should follow them and leave a comment on their channel. It is like cross-pollination. Creators can increase their subscriber base through you, and you can access their audiences. 

Use comments to gather data and fine-tune videos for the future. YouTube studio has an option that lets you view the details of subscribers. Use this to interact, thank them and inform them about a future release. Ask questions. This will encourage viewers and subscribe to interact with you. Their inputs will also be leads to the creation of future content of interest to subscribers. 

Even better, use the go-live feature to schedule interactive videos and inform current subscribers to make sure they remain present. Since you can view subscribers and get their details, you can create an email list and email all of them regularly. 

Future releases

Talking about the future brings us to this part of the YouTube channel optimization activity. Ensure you launch a short trailer of videos before you post them and include trailers for future releases. This creates user loyalty and a sticky quality, encouraging them to keep returning to your channel to check out new videos. Be consistent with new releases, such as releasing a video every fortnight or a month. To get more viewers to subscribe, you could link videos with contests. 

Promote on social media

Google search is a good way to get people to visit your YouTube page. Social media channels are equally effective. You could post appropriate content and include a link to your YouTube video. Use Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to encourage people to visit your YouTube videos. Instead of a link, you may also post an abridged video on your social media page as part of your YouTube channel optimization to increase the number of subscribers the natural way. If you run a blog, then use the same tactic you would use on Facebook and Twitter. 

Each step is complex, particularly using keywords based on research and creating a unique identity on YouTube. You may want to hand over YouTube channel optimization to a suitable digital services provider while focusing on what you do best: create video content.

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