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Succeed in Video Marketing Using these 10 Simple Steps

YouTube SEO Services

Over the last few years, YouTube has evolved from a website to a search engine. The video-sharing platform ranks next to Google in terms of search volume. It’s not surprising that over 90 percent of businesses are using video marketing in their digital marketing strategy. However, a majority of the brands that succeeded in it have done so by taking the help of professional video marketing and YouTube channel management services.

At PeddleWeb, we provide high-quality YouTube SEO services to many types of businesses and have helped them create and market highly successful videos. In this blog post, we discuss ten steps to ace video marketing.

  1. Create the concept

The concept is the starting point of a video. It defines the main topic, the objectives you want to achieve, the target group the video is intended for, and what the final product should look like. It helps the creator understand why the video needs to be made. After deciding to create a video, work on the ideas and create a strong concept. It will simplify the entire process and make it a lot easier to get started with the project. It will also keep all people involved in the project on the same page.

  1. Set goals for the video

After creating the concept, the next step is to set goals for the video and determine what you intend to achieve through the video. Some goals are:

  • Generating new leads
  • Increasing traffic to your website
  • Improving the time visitors spend on the site
  • Boosting conversion rates
  • Enhancing sales
  1. Set the budget

After creating the video concept and setting its goals, it is crucial to set a budget for the video. That’s because a high-quality video will cost money. The production cost of a commercial video, as well as a music video, can range from a few thousand rupees to a few million. But it does not mean that the higher the costs, the better would be the quality. Many videos have achieved success and acclaim despite being made on a shoestring budget. It all boils down to the concept’s strength and the skills of the filmmaker and the production team. If the in-house team has the talent and abilities to shoot and produce excellent quality videos, then you may not need the help of professionals and can save a huge amount of money. But if you don’t have the expert-level skills, then it is prudent to invest in a professional company.

  1. Craft the script

Very few filmmakers and companies set their films’ (read videos’) budget after writing their scripts. There is even a toolkit that can predict the budget from a script. But for the majority, it is the reverse that works the best. That’s because you can plan the locations, props, camera works, graphics, and other production costs based on the budget.

  1. Select everything required for the shoot 

After the script is done and dusted, select everything you will need for the shoot. It includes:

  • Cast and crew
  • Location
  • Camera(s) and mounts
  • Lights
  • Audio equipment
  • Editing tools

Consider taking auditions to find the right cast. Set out for a location hunt to find the right places that can provide the right backdrop. Rent out the right camera, mounts, lights, audio devices, and editing tools that can help in filming the video in the best way possible. If making an animation video (or integrating some animation into it), select professional animators or illustrators with the right skills and experience to make it a success.

  1. Shoot the video

After locking the script and selecting all the things needed for the shoot, start with the production stage i.e. is filming the video. It is not just enough to press the record button and capture the moments. But it is equally important to share the vision with the cast and direct the video as best as possible. After saying cut, review the footage and reshoot if there is something amiss. Repeat the process till you get a satisfactory shot. 

  1. Organize and edit the footage

After shooting and capturing everything in the camera, it’s time to take it to the cutting room and organize and edit the raw footage. This is where the skills of a professional editor come into play. This can make or break a video. No matter how good your script is, if the editing does not keep up then the outcome will be below average.

  1. Share the teaser and create a buzz

After the finished product is ready or is almost ready, you need to create a buzz around it. Just like the trailer of a movie releases before the real deal. Upload a short preview on all social media platforms and share the release date of the full video. Encourage your followers to share the teaser. Create a countdown. Create a video ad that generates buzz and builds up anticipation.

  1. Release the video and promote it

Then comes the D-Day you have been waiting for. Upload the video on YouTube as well as other video-sharing and social media platforms. Encourage your team members and followers to share the full video with their family and friends. Share the link with your subscribers over emails. Approach influencers and industry bloggers and ask them if they would like to share and promote the video.

  1. Measure the video’s performance

After uploading the video on YouTube and other social networks, you can measure the video’s performance using the former’s channel analytics and other monitoring tools for other platforms. It will show everything from the number of views, average view duration, impressions click-through rate, conversion rate, and more.

Everything considered

In the present time, videos are more popular than text and audio content. More and more businesses are using video marketing in their overall digital marketing strategies. If you are planning to create high-quality videos, we at PeddleWeb can help you optimize them for search engine results and enhance their visibility. To know how we can do it, contact us and speak with our team.

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