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The Essential Guide for Successful Quora Marketing

Quora Marketing

Quora has unique advantages. It is mainly a question-answer type of platform aimed at knowledge sharing. Over the years Quora has acquired a high ranking status with over 500 million active users per month and mobile traffic accounts for 3 out of 4 visitors.

Importantly, if you are targeting Americans for marketing then you will find it suitable since 35% of Americans use Quora. It does offer an advertising platform. Besides, its question and answer section can be used subtly to promote your business while gaining a reputation as an authority in your field. Try Quora marketing. This essential guide gets you through to success with Quora Marketing.

  • Quora stands apart .. and lets you stand apart

You will find hundreds of online forums and sites like Reddit where you can ask questions and receive answers but Quora is different.

You receive quality answers from knowledgeable people on a whole lot of topics. Answers are rated for quality. Should you become a frequent responder on Quora you build a follower base and a reputation. Besides, Google assigns a higher rank to Quora.

Quora email digest and feed push content to millions of users. Their handpicked editors republish answers on reputed sites like Forbes and TIME.

All that is good but how does it help in marketing? People ask questions. It may be out of idle curiosity or it may have the purpose of arriving at a decision to buy a product. You respond with a well-informed answer that the person posting the question likes and it is likely he likes your answer to become your follower and, eventually, a buyer if you are selling a product related to the question. So get started this way.

  • Start with a profile

You will be using Quora on a regular basis in the time to come so you might as well start with a detailed profile page where you list your details and your company’s details with a good profile picture. Do not hold back on your work experience, qualifications, sites where you are active, and achievements.

When people check your answers, particularly when they contemplate a purchase, they are likely to look up your profile. Specifically select topics to follow based on keyword research for your marketing purpose.

  • Focus only on your area of expertise or product

You have questions on Quora that range from weather to cat food. Do not waste time on questions that do not concern you. Focus only on your company/product related questions. Write a detailed answer. You could even write a 1000 word answer if the question warrants it.

  • Keywords

Your goal is to market yourself, your product, and your company. You have to zero in on specifics. It is easy to do so by carrying out keyword research and using keywords for which you want to rank in searches. Just type the keywords in Google and it is likely Quora will show up at the top. Use those to pick questions to answer on it.

You can subscribe to topics and you can agree to receive notifications from Quora about questions that need answers.

For instance, you can start by typing: “http://quora.com/(the topic of interest to you). Quora shows results. Or, simply open it and type topic in the search bar. It will display a list. Jump in. Pick one and respond. Make sure to mention this topic in your profile experience section.

  • The answer content

If you go through Quora you will find that some responders simply give perfunctory answers with a link to their site. Do it better by offering a detailed answer that serves the purpose. Give a link to your site by all means.

One thing to avoid, if you want to receive favorable mentions and possibly leads, is to point people to other sites or ask them to Google. However, some experts are of the opinion that short and precise answers are better appreciated, especially with a link to a resource. This could be your blog or website.

Revisit questions you have answered and found similar new questions on Quora. Open each and then link your answer to this question to the one you have already answered. You can do more such as collect opinions on the topic and include them in your answer. Promote others and they are likely to reciprocate.

  • Questions

Answers are a great way to market yourself and generate leads. You can do it by asking questions too. You can broadcast the question or you can target the question at topic experts. People will respond. Respond with thanks and upvote. It helps to draw attention to your questions and to you.

  • Create a company page

It is good to have a personal presence. It is even better to have a company presence since, when you answer product related questions and point to your company website, people are also likely to view your company profile page. You could be an owner-operator. Answer the question as owner or CEO and it impresses people.

  • Encourage your customers to ask questions on Quora

You could justify it by stating that other customers with similar questions will be able to view the response or that other experts besides you will respond giving more facets to the answer.

You can analyze your performance using Quora analytics to know views, shares, and upvotes applicable to questions you ask, your answers, and your blog posts. Stay committed and you should soon attain the status of an expert in your field. That has a positive effect on your reputation. It can translate to more leads and sales. You also gain the satisfaction of having been helpful to lots of people.

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