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Top 7 Ways to Use Remarketing Strategy for Lead Generation

How to Generate Leads Using Remarketing Strategy

Remarketing is one of the most effective ways to re-engage with existing or previous customers. It is the technique of sending targeted ads to them or previous website visitors. As per a comScore study, remarketing is the best display advertising strategy to enhance brand awareness.

Remarketing is one of the best ways to generate more leads. As per some studies, 96 percent of website visitors leave without taking any desired action and 70 percent of people abandon their carts. In such a scenario, many lead generation services use remarketing strategies to generate more leads and get desired results. Remarketing is also cheaper compared to all other content marketing strategies. The cost-per-click of remarketing ads is 50 percent lower and has a more than double conversion rate.

A professional lead generation company can help you re-engage your customers who have previously purchased your offerings or had some interactions with your business or website. This blog post lists the top seven ways you can use remarketing strategy to generate leads.

  1. Email remarketing

Email remains the most common lead generation channel. As per the 2019 LeadsCouncil Benchmarking Report, 84.2% of marketers use email marketing for lead generation. In the case of email remarketing, you send relevant and useful email promotions to your existing customers and email subscribers. You already know their behaviors, tastes and preferences, and buying habits. This enables you to send highly personalized and appropriate email ads. The people who receive the ads have signed up for it and are interested in knowing more about your products or services and your new offerings.

  1. Create high-quality interactive content

Email promotions work best when they have high-quality interactive content. You can take the help of a professional digital marketing company to help you craft highly engaging content that will provide great value and information to your previous and existing customers. Investing in quality content makes sense as it will enhance your recall value. Even if some customers won’t buy any product after sending them the mails, they will keep your content in mind for a long time and may consider you when they need similar or related products.

  1. Create effective copy that provides solutions to customers’ problems

When your customers buy your product or service, they are essentially buying something that adds value to their lives and solves their problems. Identify the pain points of your customers and how your products or services are addressing those. After that, write an effective copy describing what benefits your offerings can provide them. This will make your communication crisp, clear, and effective. You can take the help of expert copywriters or professional content marketing firms to create compelling write-ups that will drive your target audience to take the actions you intend them to take.

  1. Show customers the products they are interested in

Your existing or previous customers may have been interested in some of your additional products or offerings, apart from their bought ones. They may have liked them but decided not to buy them due to some reason. Find out what products or services interest them and show the same or similar ones. You can show them the products if there is a discount, a sale, or some special offers. You can also offer discounts to customers who have previously abandoned carts or canceled their purchases.

  1. Cross-sell to existing customers 

Cross-selling is a time-honored sales tactic that involves selling additional products or services to existing or previous customers. The technique can be extremely effective when combined with remarketing emails that notify your customers about complementary products or services, new offerings, discounts, or special offers. You can also remarket your products to your existing and previous customers with a specific call to action.

  1. Remarket specific URLs visits

You can remarket your existing and previous customers based on specific URL visits. In this, you will target your customers or visitors based on their activities on your site. It will enable you to re-engage your previous or existing customers on your website. It is one of the most suitable and effective remarketing strategies. You can hire a reliable lead generation company to help you know the visitors who visited your website and send them marketing content based on their past activities. Some experts suggest that you target remarketing ads at visitors who have visited your website in the past 10 to 20 days.

  1. Optimize CTAs and landing pages

You can always optimize your call to action to drive your customers to take necessary actions. You can create a sense of urgency or briefly describe the benefits their action will yield. You can also redesign and optimize your landing pages to give your customers and visitors an awesome browsing experience and encourage them to buy from you.

In a nutshell

Remarketing is more effective and cheaper than others as it establishes communication with those who already know about your products or services. It is, however, crucial for businesses to be focused and precise in their remarketing strategies. Hiring a reliable lead generation company such as PeddleWeb can give you desired results and more leads. Get in touch with us to know how we can get you more leads via remarketing.

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