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Why Integrating SEO with PPC Is a Great Idea for Brands?


PPC and SEO are as different as chalk and cheese. The former is a type of advertisement that requires advertisers to pay per click. The latter is the method to enhance the rank of a website on the internet. Professional SEO services and PPC management services providers, however, recommend combining the two for a successful marketing campaign.

At PeddleWeb, one of the fastest-growing professional SEO service and PPC service providers in India, we know how a combined marketing strategy that integrates both PPC and SEO can benefit businesses. In this blog post, we discuss twelve key reasons why businesses should integrate PPC with SEO strategies.

  1. Better keyword targeting

Keywords that are effective for SEO may work well for PPC ads. This can result in greater synergy and lead to better keyword research. Insights from SEO campaigns and PPC ads could divulge particular terms that engage target audiences of specific demographics. This could enhance keyword targeting and boost keyword performance.

  1. Clear keyword intent

Integrating SEO campaigns and PPC ads will enable marketers to see the relevance between the copy in the search engine listing and the targeted keywords. This will help them understand the keyword intent as well as the search terms that are most relevant to the target audience.

  1. Consistent online visibility despite Google Updates

It’s no secret that Google’s algorithm updates can affect rankings. A website that ranks well for its excellent SEO strategies could lose its top spot due to a major update. It, however, can mitigate the risk by using PPC ads. When a company combines its SEO efforts with PPC ads, it shows up to its target audience even during major updates. Its online visibility remains unchanged and unaffected despite the algorithm updates.

  1. Higher online visibility

Marrying PPC and SEO enhances online visibility as well as increases searchability. Businesses that run both PPC ads and SEO strategies will enhance their visibility not just on search engine results pages but other places on the internet such as social networks, online forums, industry-related websites, and more. Apart from driving website traffic, it also establishes a strong brand presence.

  1. Higher click-through-rate and website traffic

When a business uses both PPC and SEO strategies, it enhances its click-through rate as well as website traffic. When the interested target audiences view the optimized website and the PPC ads, they are more likely to click on it and visit the site. 

  1. Comprehensive view of digital marketing efforts

By using cross-channel data and insights, marketers can collect a more holistic view of their digital marketing efforts as well as the combined performance of SEO and PPC ads. This will enable them to get valuable data about customer engagement, behaviors, and conversion. After getting the insights, marketers can focus on the most effective channels and strategies. They can also use the content and strategies that can rank them in the top spot of search engine results.

  1. Shared insights

Integrating SEO with PPC can provide valuable insights to the digital marketing team. By using the shared insights, businesses can tailor and modify their marketing campaigns and optimize their advertising investments. The useful insights can also help them know more about the performance of specific ads and various other key performance indicators (KPIs). 

  1. Savings on cost-per-click

If businesses use shared insights from SEO and PPC campaigns to optimize landing pages, they can enhance the landing page experience. An excellent landing page user experience lowers the cost per click and also improves Google’s ranking. By optimizing their cost per click, businesses can make the most of their ads and improve their return on investments. 

  1. Enhanced brand confidence

A well-designed and integrated PPC and SEO campaign can improve Google rank and a high rank can enhance brand confidence. Customers who see a well-ranked website, as well as PPC ads on reputable sites, will have greater confidence in the business.

  1. Superior targeting and testing

With an integrated PPC and SEO campaign, a business can target its prospective customers more efficiently and test its advertisement and promotion materials in specific locations. It also provides an opportunity to test keyword strategy SEO and perform A/B testing of different ad copies.

  1. Re-marketing

With remarketing, businesses get in touch with their target audience and previous customers at regular intervals. By integrating PPC and SEO, businesses can design effective remarketing campaigns and create customized ad copies to reach their target audience offer them attractive deals, and incentivize them to do business.

  1. Greater conversions

A combined SEO and PPC strategy enables a website to be more noticeable to the target audience and makes it more likely for them to click on the ads. If the users visit the website and like the products and services listed on it, they are more likely to convert into paying customer.

Summing up,

SEO and PPC are effective digital marketing strategies and are closely related. Combining both the strategies and using integrated data can hugely benefit contemporary businesses. At PeddleWeb, our integrated approach with SEO and PPC strategies has helped many companies improve their conversions and enhance their returns on marketing investment. If you are looking to combine SEO with PPC, contact us today to know how we can help.

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