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5 Tips for Generating Leads from Facebook Ads

Generating Leads Facebook Ads

Are you planning to generate leads via Facebook marketing?

Facebook is one of the top leading social media networks across the globe. With billions of users, it will be easier to generate prospective leads. When you display ads via Facebook marketing, you can easily collect the database of the interested prospects for your product, service, or business. But, you need to keep certain tricks in mind while running an ad on Facebook.

Let’s explore the 5 pro tips for generating leads from Facebook Ads.

1. Target the right audience

monthly active Facebook users 2020

Picking the right audience is the essence of an advertisement on social media. Facebook has over 2.6 billion monthly users. And, among them, you are not targeting all. With such a large volume of users, there’s a need to run an ad for a specific audience. Try to define the target audience as precisely as possible.

Besides, it is always advantageous to define and narrow down the audience to efficiently use every dollar you spend. Facebook ads allow you to target a definite set of audience. For instance, if your product is only designed for women only. Then there’s no need to advertise it for everyone.

Use filters like demographics, interests, and behaviour for distinct results. Finding out about your prospective audience would be much helpful. Think about their preferences, problems, or considerations the target group is searching for. Also, always listen to your customers, and focus on their conversation to run a more specific ad via Facebook.

2. Create an appealing landing page

A landing page is a vital element of Facebook advertising. It is a great way to drive the traffic in the right location where they get detailed info about the advertisement. More importantly, the ad landing page can be a standalone page on a website or a custom tab within an existing Facebook page. It compels the customers to go through and do what it is asking for. For instance, it is asking for i.e.;

  • sign up for a newsletter,
  • donate money,
  • Make purchase
  • Share something like a piece of news, etc.

If you want to determine whether you drive any results from your efforts and ad spend, a landing page is beneficial. On this page, you can attractively display all the comprehensive detail about ads. Also, there will be plenty of positions for CTA (Call To Action) buttons which will trigger actions from the customers.

3. Use optimal ad design

Appealing design is the first step to create an advertisement for social media. Especially, when you need to use Facebook advertising for your business, your design needs to be eye catchy, because it is a crowded platform. Optimal ad design will not only stand out but also it will entice customers to engage with information.

Keep the users in the focal point while designing an ad. Further, use simple, easy to read captions instead of long content. Rather than focusing on features, highlight benefits. In short, the ad copy must explain all the details promptly along with an alluring design.

Moreover, make sure to prompt a desirable reason for the customers to opt-in for what you’re advertising. Offering a coupon, giving them a discount, providing some type of incentive is an efficient way to d get more clicks for an ad. Shorty, design a mindful ad with key benefits about the product, service, or business you are advertising.

4. Choose the right format

Once you have recognized the main objectives of advertising on Facebook, select the right format. Facebook enables various formats for an ad so that you intensify its effect. For example, if you want to showcase a product or brand, an image would be great. Likewise, while displaying news-feed video ads works best.

For eCommerce business carousel ads are perfect. it allows to showcase up to ten videos or images in a single ad. Slide show combines images, videos, text, sound, etc. Besides, Instant experience is all about visually highlighting your ad. After someone clicks your ad on a mobile device, it opens up in a full-screen.

Choosing the right format enables to create something more substantial that can easily capture the attention of your target audience. After all, the ultimate aim of Facebook advertising is to grab audience attention as much as you can. So, select the best suitable format for your ad and get maximum exposure.

5. Optimize analytics

Running an ad on Facebook is one of the great ways to generate qualified leads for your business. But, simply running an ad is not sufficient. After you run an ad for a couple of days, analyze the data. By the time, there will be enough data to interpret the results. Access your results in Ads manager whether you used Ads Manager or any other tool to create your ads. Here’s are some of the data that you should include;

  • Identify CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • Number of website conversation succeeded
  • The impression of your ads
  • Frequency of ad views, etc.

Additionally, check the campaign metrics and generate a report to measure the results. You can also break down your campaign reports by demographics, time, or actions customers took.

The statistics will help you to understand how the target audience is interacting with the commercial. Further, it will also indicate ways to improve your strategies and achieve the intended results.

No matter what are your objectives of Facebook advertising, the above-mentioned tips will definitely work for you. Use the right tactics and turn the Facebook advertising campaign into a huge success.

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