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7 Ways to Design a Killer Website for Your Business

Design a Killer Website for Your Business

In the digital era, every business must have a website irrespective of its size. But as per recent data, one in four small businesses doesn’t have a website. Among the rest, almost half rely on their in-house team to manage their websites.

Creating a well-optimized and professional-looking website is a prudent investment and successful businesses know that. That’s why most of them invest in skillful developers and professional SEO services to get the maximum return on their investments.

At PeddleWeb, we provide website development and full-stack SEO services for all types of businesses. Are you looking to create a website for your business? In this blog post, we have discussed seven ways to design an effective website and boost the brand of your business.

  1. Start with WHY: Find the purpose and the objective behind creating the website

Different companies create websites for different purposes. The purpose of a B2B website can differ vastly from an e-commerce site. While the former may intend to enhance brand awareness and provide basic information, the latter aims to facilitate the purchase and boost sales. 

As a business owner, you need to find the purpose of building the website and determine how it will help in achieving the business objectives. Among a billion websites in the world, you should aim to make your site unique and special. Having a clear purpose and goal will make it stand out from others.

  1. Take professional help: Handpick the experts 

Let’s get real, building an attractive and strong website is never a one-man (or a one-woman) job. Irrespective of your tech skills, you are going to need the help of one or more experts. It can be a website developer, UX/UI designer, SEO expert, or all of them. Select the most reliable professionals with the right skills and proven track record. Experience and expertise don’t come cheap. Be willing to invest in the right people to get maximum return on investment.

  1. Get a domain name

The website needs a name and it’s time to christen it. Think of a unique and memorable name but be extremely particular about it as it will stick with the brand for a long time, if not till eternity. Ensure that it is easy to remember and easy to spell as people will type it to access the site. Make it as crisp and short as possible. Stay away from hyphens and numbers. After ticking all the boxes, register it. Congratulations, you have a domain name for the website. Make sure to optimize the link for search engines.

  1. Select a website host

The purpose is clear, the domain name is fixed, and the team is ready. What’s next? A website host, which will publish the site and keep it up and running 24/7. There are two types of web hosts—shared host and dedicated host. The former shares the server with other websites and is extremely cost-effective for small businesses. The latter provides a single website with an exclusive server and is much more expensive compared to the former. While selecting a reliable and efficient website host, it’s extremely crucial to understand the website’s needs as well as set a reasonable budget.

  1. Build the web pages

It’s the phase where the actual website building and designing work starts. Select a content management system or a website builder and use responsive web design to make the site fit into all devices. Decide the number of pages and select the layout and themes for each one. If it is a WordPress website, then install plugins. Choose the right visuals for the site. The images should be in JPG or JPEG formats and optimized for mobile devices, while the graphics and videos should be easy to play on. Steer clear from using flash content. After that, set up automated speed improvements to enhance the page load speed and minimize the load time.

  1. Create exceptional content and leverage SEO

Building well-designed and visually appealing web pages are winning half the battle. The other and the most important half is to create valuable and high-quality content and optimize it for search engines. Starting from the home page to the contact form, the content will play a huge role in retaining the visitors and influencing them in taking the desired actions. So it is extremely crucial to select the right words and call-to-actions (CTAs) and weave them to form useful and powerful pieces of text. 

Apart from that, keywords are extremely important to help search engines find specific web pages for relevant search queries. Do thorough keyword research and select the right ones. Build internal and external links, both are major ranking factors. The former improves user experience, while the latter enhances page authority. Roping in professional SEO services providers will be extremely beneficial for businesses.

  1. Test every page before going live

After taking care of the SEO, test how each web page looks and works on different devices and browsers. Ensure that every web page fits the screen of various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and personal computers. Also, ensure that it works properly on all leading browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Bing, MSN Search, Yahoo! Search, Internet Explorer, and others. Browser compatibility is one of the key tests before launching the site. Apart from that, test the usability of the website and ensure the navigation works. Have a checklist that will remind you to look for the smallest errors.

  1. Launch and manage the site

After everything is clear, the website is all set to go live. Press the launch button and see how it performs. Look at the key parameters such as the number of visitors landing on the site, average time on the site, the click-through rate, and bounce rate. All the parameters will help you understand how long the visitors are willing to spend time with the site and if they are getting value out of it. If the performance is below average, then find out what went wrong and rework. If it meets or exceeds expectations, keep it up and find areas where it can improve.

In closing,

In the present era, having a website is not a choice but a necessity for every business. If you are considering creating a website for your business, we at PeddleWeb are here to help. From website development and designing to full-stack SEO services, we will provide it all. Contact us today to know how we can enable you to create an online presence and help you succeed in the journey.

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