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Comprehensive Guide to Facebook Marketing 2021

Facebook Marketing

The evolution of the digital world has changed the way how the business operates. Businesses were expanding growth through traditional marketing. However, the increased usage of social media networks like Facebook has brought a transformation in many ways. In fact, this social network is in the limelight which helps businesses to achieve their marketing goals and generate more revenue. 

This article is a comprehensive guide to understand Facebook marketing in 2021. 

Why is Facebook so crucial to marketers? 

Facebook currently has around 2.8 billion monthly users. If marketers use Facebook strategically, they can get many benefits to level up business growth. From improving customer interactions to increasing sales, Facebook can help marketers crucially. 

Have a look at the major benefits of using Facebook for businesses.

1. Promote Customer Interactions

Facebook pages allow creating a forum for dialogue between customers and the brand. This gives companies the opportunity to f foster relationships with target audiences and prospective customers.

2. Efficient Reputation Management 

This social media network enables a company to obtain a more profound understanding of how the brand is perceived online. It can be possible through direct feedback and by monitoring what potential customers are stating about the brand.

3. Feedback Mechanism

Service based sectors like hospitality, insurance, call center customer feedback are indispensable. Facebook enables users to communicate their experiences, preferences directly with the business. Here, the company can also respond quickly and resolve their concerns. 

4. Acquire New Customers

With billions of users on Facebook, businesses can get new customers easily. Each time a Facebook user becomes a fan of a Facebook page, a notice is posted as a news item for all of that user’s friends to see. This creates multiple opportunities for a Facebook page to go viral and reach new viewers.

5. Promote Branding 

Facebook presents a fantastic opportunity to build brand awareness among the targeted audience. It provides a brand presentation to a possible new audience where businesses can position themselves in new and unique ways.

But, what actions drive maximum benefits of using Facebook for a business?

How to promote a business using Facebook?

When you want to promote your business using Facebook, you should define a strategic action plan. From creating a business profile page to using the ads within the platform, you should execute each phase appropriately. 

1. Complete your page info 

Complete business profile information on Facebook; give accurate details for each component. Fill the section with brief about your business’s main goals and offerings. 

Make sure your profile on Facebook aligns with your brand’s overall marketing approach. It should definitely reflect your brand’s unique identity. This will help your users to get a quick overview of your business while they are exploring the business profile.  

2. Business page template 

Facebook offers a variety of options to choose a business page template. Pick the template that reflects your brand identity. For instance, the social media channel offers various templates for businesses such as service, public figures, shopping, venues, and so on. 

3. Profile images 

Once you have given the business details and selected the template, you should choose the most compelling profile image. Think about brand recognition while setting the profile picture for business accounting on Facebook. 

In general, companies would prefer to have a logo in the image. Also, make sure that the image size is as per the given criteria. For example, the current recommended profile image size for Facebook is 170 × 170 pixels.

4. Call to action 

Do not forget to set the call to action button for your business profile. The CTA helps your business in many ways. You can choose CTA such as ‘learn more’, ‘call us’ ‘send us a message, etc.

5. Messenger 

This is a great way to boost communication with the customers. It allows quick and easy interactions where customers can connect with your business instantly. So, make sure that you have activated the messenger app on a mobile device. 

Now that you have understood how to create a business account and set a business profile, let’s focus on what you should post on Facebook? 

6. Different Types Facebook Post

Facebook allows publishing many different types of posts. Each post has its unique benefits that help in boosting customer interactions. 

7. Photos & videos 

Publishing visual aids on the social network is a great way to improve customer engagement. If the pictures and videos are attractive enough, surely it will help in getting initial traction for your business. 

8. Facebook live 

Use Facebook to promote live events of your business and boost customer engagement and interactions. The social media platform enables you to notify your potential audience when you go live.

9. Facebook Stories 

This type of post allows showcasing a glimpse of your special projects, products, workday, locations you visit, etc. Give viewers a snapshot of your business offerings.

10. Post frequency 

Once you decide which type of posts your business should publish, you need to also decide when to publish them. Plus, how many times in a week you will publish the post. 

Consistency in marketing through such social networks impacts business growth. Nevertheless, do not ever go with bombarding social media posts. Frequently posting social media posts possible improves the chances of decreased engagement.  

In addition, while you use Facebook marketing for your business, you emphasize strategies that increase user engagement. Without customers’ active participation, you will lead nowhere on the widely used social media network. 

In fact, a leading Facebook marketing companies always recommends using tactics that improve the chances of attracting more customers to engage with your business. Hence, you must promote your business in such a way that promotes engagement with the audience. 

Apart from ordinary practices to actively manage a business on Facebook, the social network also allows taking advantage of paid promotions. 

Why use Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are essential for businesses in many ways. If you are not using Facebook ads for your business, you are missing significant business growth opportunities. More specifically, Facebook ads benefits include; 

  • Most personalized way of advertising
  • Opportunities to increase brand awareness
  • An affordable way of advertisements on social media
  • Boost customer attribution
  • Promot repeat business
  • Increase word-of-mouth referral 
  • Strengthen customer engagement 

Briefly, Facebook advertising is the most compelling way to promote business growth through Facebook advertising. Moreover, you can run various types of ads such as carousel ads, canvas ads, slideshow ads, dynamic product ads, video ads, photo ads, and so on. 

Facebook analytics 

Facebook offers a distinct opportunity to track and measure the performance of organic posts. This will help you know what sorts of content are well-performing or under-performing. You can also use Facebook’s free analytics tool ‘Insights’ to get a clear picture of how your business page is performing. 

Essentially, this tool can help you to monitor post reach, customer engagement rates, follower growth, audience demographics, and so on. 

At PeddleWeb, we offer Facebook marketing services to level up business growth. Whether you want to generate brand awareness or boost sales and generate more revenue, we can help. Our digital marketing team uses its diverse experience to craft the most powerful Facebook marketing services for businesses like yours. Get in touch with us to know more about how we can deliver you the most strategic Facebook marketing services. 

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