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Top SEO Tips For New Websites

Top SEO Tips For New Websites

Are you launching a website?

Have you executed the right SEO elements?

Starting up a new business and launching a website is a painstaking task. You need to manage multiple aspects simultaneously to make things as planned. In today’s fierce competition, creating a site SEO-friendly is a must. Without proper on page SEO, your site will not get higher rankings.

In this article, we uncover the pro SEO tips to execute while launching a site for your business. Let’s explore the tips together!

#1. Select domain name

Your domain name must align with your branding. It should provide an impression of your business offerings to the target groups. If you select a short, simple, and memorable domain name, it will help in brand promotion.

Besides, a domain name is also a crucial ranking factor. This is because crawlers also look at the domain name to recognize the subject of the webpage.

Typically, the domain name will also add a primary keyword to rank. So, choose the unique domain name by performing extensive research or brainstorming. Sometimes, the domains are taken to be on the safer side and prepare a list of multiple domains that reflect your products/services.

#2. Outline site structure 

Having a logical site structure is crucial to engage users and improve rankings. Most websites use a pyramid structure that begins with the homepage at the top. Under that will be your service pages – the most important pages, with an easy-to-navigate via a navigation bar.

A substantial, logical structure helps search engines like Google recognize where the most valuable cornerstone content exists on your site, enabling it to be indexed quickly. Besides, having an organized structure will make it effortless for visitors to discover what they need, building a positive user experience.

You can make your site’s structure even more apparent by implementing breadcrumbs or clickable links at the top of a page giving a visible trail so that users know where they currently are on your website. This tip also aids search engines in better understanding your new site. All these together will improve rankings in the search results.

#3. Use responsive design

seo for new website

With more than 3.6 billion smartphone users worldwide, it is important to have a responsive design for your site. You can’t predict which device users will use to explore your site. Hence, you must choose responsive web design for your site, delivering an exceptional user experience. Also, when you have a higher usability score, the site’s rankings will improve too. So, be sure to have a mobile-friendly website design.

#4. Differentiate and strategize On-Site and Off-Site SEO 

When optimizing a site for search engines, there are many things to implement rather than creating great content. All web pages of your site need to be optimized for on page and off page SEO. This includes determining keywords, drafting title tags, creating strong meta descriptions, and optimizing images (adding alt tags) for analytics, and many more. Additionally, the basic SEO for a brand new website needs to incorporate outbound links to higher authority sites, executing a thoughtful internal linking strategy, including social media sharing buttons, etc.

Further, off-page SEO refers to actions you will take away from your website to increase search engine results pages (SERPs) rankings. Examples of off-site SEO include building via posting a blog on a high-domain authority site and getting a link back to your site. If you have a well-organized, appealing site that people want to link to, you can have external links quickly and easily.

PeddleWeb offers off page and on page SEO services that increase your website rankings in the SERPs.

#5. Get ready with the content before launch

Before launching your site, complete your SEO-optimized landing pages such as homepage and other more permanent pages where content will not be continually changed, like the service pages or about us. This content must be created with explicit keywords you are targeting. For this, you can use readily available keyword tools and determine the phrases you want to target through your site.

Furthermore, you must update and expand your website content regularly. For instance, you can add a new blog each week on your site. But, it is essential to line up the content in advance to get better results. In such instances, if you keep content strategies aligned with the content calendar, you can have better outcomes.

#6. Understand site tracking and analytics before going live 

Get a basic understanding of analytics tools to assess your website’s performance before you launch your website. Google Analytics is a great spot to start with. You need to have valuable insights into customer acquisition, behavior, and conversions to understand how they interact with your site. This will help to serve them customarily and find the glitches on your site.

Moreover, with such information, you will get an overview of how customers interact on your site. For instance, if you have received an increased bounce rate for a webpage, you need to fix certain page elements to make it more user-friendly.

#7. Stay updated with SEO practices and industry trends

SEO is a continuous process. It demands constant attention until you run your business. Having a strong SEO is not about launching the site with accurate SEO elements; you will be good to go. You must monitor the search engine optimization aspects of your site regularly. Also, keep an eye on the latest update to tweak SEO practices and boost or improve ranking. Hence, it is recommended to keep yourself updated with the latest industry trends and have a higher SEO score for your website.

PeddleWeb offers on page SEO services from industry experts. When you launch  your site, it is vital to have strong technical search engine optimization for your website to get higher rankings. Connect with us to have robust on page SEO for your website.

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