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9 Social Media Marketing Mistakes: How To Avoid Them And Get Better Results

9 Social Media Marketing Mistakes: How To Avoid Them And Get Better Results

With billions of active users on social media platforms, businesses are taking advantage of such networks to expand growth opportunities. If social media marketing is done in the right direction, it gives enormous benefits to the businesses irrespective of the industry they serve. Nonetheless, there are certain common mistakes that need to be avoided to maximize the benefits out of your social media marketing efforts. 

Let’s explore the most common social media marketing mistakes and the powerful ways to avoid those.

#1. Not Having compelling Social Media Marketing Strategy

Many emerging businesses still do not create compelling strategies while promoting their products or services on social platforms. Developing unique social media strategies are essential to strengthen social media presence and attract new customers. 

An effective social media marketing strategy incorporates an action plan along with clearly defined goals. It also outlines the types of posts such as images, videos, blog URLs, retweets, reshares, hashtags, events, and establishing your social media brand tone of voice.

#2. Practicing same strategies for all Social Networks 

This is one of the biggest mistakes most brands make. Often, businesses post the same content in the same formats with the exact copy across all social platforms. This will not deliver fruitful results.

Each social platform is unique, so the content should be in many ways. Various social media platforms have different strengths, features, marketing tools, and also diverse audiences. Thus, comply with unique strategies for each platform and modify the content/infographics accordingly. 

#3. Not Engaging With Customers/Followers

Increased social engagement is a common social media tactic that helps in many promotional activities. However, many brands do not engage with the customers or followers as they should be. For instance, when someone replies to your post, make sure your social media marketing team responds to that reply (as soon as possible).

The more you respond, the more likely your customers will engage with your brand. A business that has increased customer engagement is likely to sustain market competition efficiently. 

#4. Overlooking negative comments

Negative feedback gives you an opportunity to improve your service quality and strengthen trust within your brand community. When an unhappy customer posts a harsh, negative comment, some businesses choose to ignore, delete, or even reply with harsher statements.

If you have received any negative comments for your products/services, try to resolve the matter ASAP. In such a situation, think about it as an opportunity to set an example that you value your customers. Take a step further and talk with the customer personally and troubleshoot the matter by creating a win-win.

#5. Too Much Brand Promotion

Another social media marketing mistake is the over-promotion of your products and services. Promotion is necessary, but when it is overdone, customers start to lose interest in your brand.

Hence, strictly keep your promotional activities at the minimum yet effective level. Follow a strategic pattern to promote your product and services with an aim to maximum exposure among the target audience. 

#6. No consistent approach

Consistency is the key while handling social media management for small businesses or an enterprise. Without consistency, you won’t be able to track the results or lose the audience. 

Form the strategy and regularly post interactive content on social media. Even, you can use some tools to schedule the post automatically. The consistency in social media posts will help in getting more engagement from the customers with improved exposure to the content.

#7. Making unedited, unproofed content live

This mistake often traps businesses. The content loaded with content error will not only drop the engagement but also create a negative impression about your business. So, never go live with poor content and the presentation of infographics. Make it a mandatory practice to double-check every piece of content before going live. Ask managers to check for errors on the images, videos,  texts on graphics, etc. This practice will help in avoiding silly mistakes right away, and you can make the post more impactful.

#8. Not tracking/analyzing your results

Social media marketing and management is a powerful way of promoting your brand where you have an opportunity to track your progress in real-time. However, sometimes, businesses do not pay much attention to tracing and analyzing the results. If you do not evaluate results, you may not be able to find whether your efforts work. 

Hence, carefully evaluate the metrics and prepare a detailed report to strategize your business’s social media marketing actions. 

#9. Not using paid promotional tools

Each social network has its own marketing and advertising channel (premium paid services) that let you present your products directly to your target audience. If you want to get maximum advantage of your social media marketing efforts, you should use paid tools provided by the social channels. It helps in getting qualified leads, improving conversions, and boosting ROI.

In a nutshell, social media marketing will be beneficial if you have formed the strategies in the right direction. The above-mentioned mistakes should be avoided to encounter improved results. Whether you want to build brands, promote products/services, or enhance your online presence, social media platforms are the lucrative sources–if used correctly. 

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