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How Can Podcasting Bring Success to Your Brand?


Podcast refers to digital audio content on a particular topic that the audience can listen to live on the internet or download for later. Earlier, only professional podcasters and influential orators used the medium to educate and entertain people. But today, brand management services and digital marketing services are leveraging it to show brands’ cultures, expertise, and personalities to their customers and target audience.

As per a recent Nielsen study, the podcasting industry has recorded a 20 percent growth rate. It projects the overall audience to double between 2020 and 2023. There is a wide range of opportunities and advantages for brands to include podcasts in their content marketing mix. Let’s explore those.

Benefits of Publishing Podcast Content

The main benefits of publishing podcasts are:

  1. Connects with the audience who are interested in your brand or topics

When listeners are tuning into podcasts episodes, they are already interested in that topic to some degree. They have certain expectations and are willing to give your episode a try. If they like the content, they may listen to several episodes of your podcast. Unlike radio, podcasts may not give a huge reach to podcasters and brands. But they provide highly targeted and relevant content to listeners and usually serve as a platform for brand engagement and loyalty.

  1. Supplements your brand’s video and blogging strategies

Podcasting is an excellent way to engage new and existing target audiences with your brand to diversify the content marketing mix. The existing video marketing strategy and blog content may bring loyal followers, but a strong podcast strategy will increase these numbers. You may create additional content around the same topics and air them as podcasts.

  1. Builds trust through genuine information

Podcast episodes help to tell the story of your brand and the insights about how it is built from scratch. Using the medium, you invite the listeners to your inner circle and show them who you are. You may give a sneak peek of everyday activities and behind-the-scenes happenings. This will make your brand relatable, interesting, and accessible.

  1. Enable the audience to listen to content at their leisure

Podcasts are accessible on-demand and the audience can listen to the episodes whenever they want. Listeners can listen to the podcasts as they walk, run, cook, or do other leisurely activities. In the case of video and text content, they have to give visual attention. They cannot watch or read content as they go through their chores or tasks, but they can listen to content.

How to monetize podcasts

Brands can monetize podcasts in two ways:

  1. Through memberships

Apart from free episodes, you can create exclusive content for paying subscribers and customers. If you run a subscription-based business, your subscribers will be able to access the premium episodes. This will allure more regular followers to do business with you. You can also charge for some valuable content.

  1. Through sponsorships

You can do some paid promotions and advertise the products and brands of other businesses on your show. Many popular podcasters and brands make product placement and integration look natural and receive handsome payments for paid promotions.

How to promote podcasts

Here are some ways to promote your podcasts:

  1. Use relevant keywords and invest in SEO

Once you use search engine optimization tactics on your podcasts, you will enhance your online visibility. Google has started indexing audio content since 2019 and it scans the keywords and description to determine a podcast’s ranking. Taking the help of professional digital marketing services and brand management services can help a lot. However, here are a few things you can do to improve your SEO:

  • Research relevant keywords for the podcast topics
  • Use them in the episode title and meta description
  • Add them in show notes
  1. Use blog posts and press releases to reach out to a new audience

No matter how good the content is, people won’t listen to it unless they know about it. Consider creating blog posts and press releases to attract a new audience to your podcasts. When you create the text, ensure that you are using the same keywords in the podcast. 

  1. Promote podcasts on social media

If you are on social media, leverage it to promote your podcasts. Post episodes’ links on various platforms to let your followers and connections know that you create audio content as well. Join various groups related to your topics or industry and promote the content there. Taking professional social media services can help you with paid social media advertisements.

  1. Leverage the popularity of guest speakers

Whenever you host some noted guests, request them to share the episode link in their networks. For example, if you are hosting a well-known investor who provided capital and watched you grow, you can request them to share their story working your brand. They can also invite listeners and a new audience to subscribe to your channel and try out your products. 

Tips for creating awesome podcasts and content

Here are a few tips for creating awesome podcast content strategies:

  1. Invest in quality content and equipment

First and foremost, select engaging topics and work on impressive scripts and content. After that, invest in high-quality equipment that will give good sound quality and make for an enjoyable listening experience. Consider taking the help of professionals who have good experience in creating podcasts and audio content.

  1. Create curiosity among followers and customers

The next step is to give a teaser and create curiosity among your followers. This is where you will need to use marketing expertise to ensure that the message reaches a large number of people.

  1. Remain consistent with content length and quality

After airing your first podcast, be consistent with the content length, quality, and schedule. But providing variety is equally important. As you create content for one episode after the other, bring newness and try not to be repetitive.

  1. Create a separate website for podcast

Besides uploading podcast episodes on some apps, consider creating a dedicated website to build a strong brand. Supplement web designing with brand management services for effective results.

All in all,

Podcasts provide enormous business opportunities and have become one of many leading brands’ top digital marketing strategies. A strong podcast strategy can build brand loyalty, enhance reach, and boost sales. A professional digital marketing company can help you with your podcasts’ digital marketing and brand management services.

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