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6 Digital Marketing Strategies that Work Well for Fintech Firms

Fintechs have rewritten the finance, banking, and insurance industry rules during the last few years. The adoption of customer-oriented apps and web solutions increased drastically during coronavirus-related lockdowns.

You certainly want your target audience to know about your services. 

Digital Marketing for Fintech

We have decades worth of experience as a digital marketing company. We wish to highlight the following elements of digital marketing to help your online venture reach the right audience. 

  • Highlight problem-solving capabilities  

The Asia Pacific region alone is home to 6,129 fintechs. There are 9,311 ones in the EMEA region, while the United States has 10,605. 

If your product or service has something ultimate to offer, the audience would undoubtedly download the app. 

What’s the success rate? Well, studies suggest, roughly 96 percent of internet shoppers have at least one fintech app on their phone. 

Your fintech certainly offers something unique. Perhaps, there is a feature in your platform that applications run by competitors lack. It is these problem-solving capabilities that should be the critical ingredient in your digital marketing content strategy. 

Let your social media posts, website blog posts, and guest blogs discuss these features in detail. 

  • Choosing the best platform 

Focus on engagement rather than exposure. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter can be the best platforms for driving engagement. 

Educational, informational content works well for insurance and finance companies. Occasional posts with customer stories, images with quotes can also prove good. 

Do you wish to build customer loyalty quickly? It will help if you consider using giveaways to boost social media engagement. 

Always remain open to answering customer queries. Roughly 40 percent of consumers expect businesses to respond to their communication within an hour on social media. 

Other key areas to focus on:

  • Focus on building trust around your brand 
  • Use social media influencers to give a human face to the campaign
  • Use employee advocacy in your social media strategy
  • Empower your employees to speak on social media
  • Constantly measure the impact of your social media initiatives and tweak the strategy 

  • Use content marketing for building trust 

Most fintech companies face challenges related to consumer education and trust. Conduct keyword research on your clearly defined target audience. Then, create and distribute high-quality content based on the inputs for attracting prospective consumers.

Compared to traditional marketing techniques, content marketing can bring three times more leads. 

Whether you are a newly established firm or a well-known fintech, your marketing strategy will be incomplete without content marketing.Make sure your blog posts, guest columns, press releases, and other content is SEO optimized.

Content marketing benefits: 

  • Increase in credibility and brand trust 
  • Improvement in organic search traffic 
  • Higher Google E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, and Trust) score 
  • Better quality leads 
  • Enables you to reduce your marketing cost 


  • Extensive use of graphics and images as a part of the campaign

Until recently, finance and marketing content often targeted independent financial advisors. Thus, blogs and articles had more jargon-heavy and complicated language.

That’s the past. Now, fintechs cater to smaller businesses and retail consumers as well. Thus, using simple language can improve readability.

Estimates suggest more than 60 percent of social media users appreciate looking at images to learn instead of reading information. So, sharing information in the form of infographics can help in improving engagement. 

Use images to simplify complicated banking procedures. Make the information appealing to the readers.

  • Add paid digital ads to attract app users 

A superb user acquisition strategy cannot be complete without Ad campaigns. 

Google, Facebook, and Twitter offer precise targeting tools for businesses to reach the target audience. Fintech players, especially those who have mobile apps, can use paid acquisition opportunities.

  • Don’t ignore local SEO 

As a fintech firm, you face a sea of challenges when it comes to improving website ranking. Startups with apps need to work even harder.

If you offer loans or insurance products, you would surely want users in your city to find details about your firm in search results. That’s exactly what local SEO offers to do. It helps you connect with potential clients via search engine results. 

Is it worth the expenditure? Should you allocate funds for local search engine optimization campaigns? 

The answer lies in the fact that 46 percent of search engine users prefer finding info about local businesses. Your firm will miss these potential customers without local SEO aspects in place. 

Aspects covered under local SEO for fintech firms: 

  • Technical SEO audit
  • Improving website UX (Core Web Vitals)
  • Increasing website traffic 
  • Assistance in content strategy 
  • Exploiting keyword opportunities to rank higher in SERPs
  • Making the website voice-search friendly
  • High-quality link building 
  • Handling digital directory listings and GMB profile


Your business is competing with the enormous crowd on social media for attention. You need to choose methodologies wisely if your marketing budget is small. 

Attempts to achieve virality can end up as PR disasters for the startup. Why experiment when you can let PeddleWeb – digital marketing company design and implement a strategy for you? Get in touch with us today. Let us assist you in competing with legacy players, attracting new consumers, or attracting new funding.

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